BLOG TOUR**~**Never Been Ready by J.L. Berg – Review and GIVEAWAY!!!


By J.L. Berg

Adult Contemporary Romance

Released February 4, 2014


Leah Morgan was done with men.  After barely surviving a horrendous childhood, and a boyfriend who bailed when things got rough, Leah had given up on love.  Then she met him, Hollywood’s new golden boy who suddenly had eyes only for her.  She tried to convince herself that one night couldn’t hurt, but after six months, the memories of his mesmerizing gaze and searing touch still invaded her every thought.

Declan James had just one rule when it came to women.  Keep it simple, and never linger.  That all changed the moment he met Leah.  Even across a crowded bar, he could tell she was different. Sweet, with just the right amount of sass, she made him break his golden rule and now he couldn’t walk away.

When casual becomes anything but, and emotions run deep, will Leah and Declan fight their fears, or let old insecurities destroy their one chance to discover true happiness?  When Declan’s past comes roaring back in a way neither of them could have expected, will they stand united or be torn apart by the challenges that lie ahead?

It was only supposed to be one night, but only forever will do.


**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

~~ 5 Declan and Leah Stars ~~

So I have to say I loved this one just as much as the first book (When Your Ready) Even though these two books are completely different story lines and journeys for the heroines, they are both FABULOUSLY emotional reads. This book to me was flawless. The writing was smooth and quick paced. But J.L. Berg also knows how to tap into every emotion a reader has while reading a book. This book had me laughing at times, crying at times, swooning, and falling in love. I have to say this book was a great feel good fairytale love story. Yes there was some drama in this story, but it was short lived and the book didn’t focus on it. What we got was just a really great love story between Declan and Leah. She even managed to throw in a surpass or two just to keep you on your toes. One of the shockers took me completely by surprise and the other one I kind of guessed was going to happen, I just didn’t know how it would play out. To know what I am talking about you need to pick this book up and read it. Even though this book is in a series…I guess you could read it as a stand alone. I personally would recommend you reading book 1 first and then reading this one. The story lines are different from each other, but we saw enough of the characters, Clare, Logan, and Maddie, from book 1, that it was like this book was a continuation of their story as well. To me this book would spoil things from book 1.

Leah and Declan were perfectly matched for each other. We met Leah in When Your Ready ( Book 1 ) and I loved her character so much in that book, I was thrilled to see we got the same character in this book. She is a smart, funny, witty, and snarky person, but loyal to a fault. I would love a BFF like Leah. Those characteristics carried over into this book. In this book we find out that with all of those other traits, Leah is also a broken soul. She had a horrible childhood….her father was the devil, in my mind. It was amazing to see that Leah actually came out a strong woman in the end. We do find out that she does have insecurities, just like everyone else, but with the help of Declan she was able to overcome those insecurities. We briefly met Declan at the end of When Your Ready. Well I fell in love with him even more in this book. He was an actor who really just wanted to be a director and work behind the scenes. Yes he was like other actor characters in that he liked women, but a lot of that had to do with a past relationship that broke him down. Declan was a bad boy, who was smart, funny, and totally swoon worthy. Declan and Leah totally complimented each other. They had me laughing throughout this book with their banter back and forth.

We really didn’t meet any new secondary characters that stood out to me, yes there are a couple new faces but they just played their part in the story. As I said before we do get to see what happened with Clare, Logan, and Maddie. I was so happy how things worked out for them. We also got to see Garrett ( Clare’s Brother ). We are left in the dark when it came to his character. His storyline in this book was quite mysterious, but come to find out in the end it was all a set up for the next book, which is his book. I am so excited to learn all about Garrett 🙂

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for the feel good, all out fairytale love story. Yes there are some tough subjects talked about in this book and it is emotional and you will cry, but the overall feel of the book will have you smiling. Oh and be careful….this book will definitely melt your panties 🙂

~Jennifer H.

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J.L. Berg is a California native living in the South. She’s married to her high school sweetheart and they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she’s not writing, you can find her with her nose stuck in a romance book, in a yoga studio or devouring anything chocolate. J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.

Twitter: @authorjlberg ;

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