Favorite Book boyfriends

All book addicts have book boyfriends and if you are like us, it changes daily!!  But, we still have our all time favorites and here is a portion of each of our lists 🙂

My list ♥ I love the tattooed, motorcycle riding, bad boy alpha!!! So who do you think is my #1?!?

* Travis Maddox(he is and will always be THE bbf for me) – Beautiful Disaster

* Kellan Kyle – Thoughtless

* Colt Mitchell – The Mitchell Family Series

* Rule Archer – Rule

* Christian Grey(only because he is an alpha) – Fifty Shades of Grey

* Jason Landry – Taste the Heat

* Eric Sticks – Wicked Beat

* Seth(Ghost) Warren – Leave me Breathless

* Blake Morgan – Running on Empty

* Deuce West – Undeniable

Really?? Is my ten over already!! I have so many more to add to the list but you get the point 😉


Jennifer Harried’s 10 BBF list!!! Or actually a couple more than ten since she couldn’t narrow it down to ten 🙂

* Travis Maddox….Beautiful Disaster
* Christian Grey….50 Shades series
* Ethan Blackstone….Blackstone Affair series
* Jake Wethers….The Mighty Storm
* Beau Vincent….The Vincent Boys
* Rush Finlay….Too Far series
* Dean Holder….Hopeless
* Will Cooper….Slammed series
* Gunner Matthews….Wanted series
* Blake Hartt….Poughkeepsie
* Colt and Tyler Mitchell…Mitchell Series



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