Day #6 of our 7000 likes GIVEAWAY and author spotlight – Kimi Flores

Happy Saturday!!! We hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get time to read a good book. So for today’s GIVEAWAY and author spotlight, we have Kimi Flores! You can read about her books, read Shannon’s reviews of them, and enter to win an ecopy of one of her books 🙂

new Lima Bean Cover
A past that haunts can be laid to rest through the act of forgiveness, even if  the person you forgive is yourself. It must be gifted freely.
Abby  Sullivan cherishes the life she is creating for herself in her hometown of Santa  Barbara, California. She adores her best friend and supportive family. Her job  as a kindergarten teacher offers her life hope and purpose. She is very talented  at many things, especially hiding the pain of her past. That is until her world  collides with Caleb Hunter’s, giving them both a lesson in forgiveness and love.
A life changing love is cruelly snatched by sickness and death. A person  must be willing to give love, the greatest gift of all, to receive love.
A successful writer, Caleb is living life day-to-day. Giving refuge to  his sad and lonely heart since his wife’s sudden death from cervical cancer, his  primary focus becomes honoring her memory by rearing their five-year-old  daughter, Madison. Yet, when Madison Hunter walks into Miss Abby’s kindergarten  class, everything changes for all three of them.
With a little nudge  from a loving mother-in-law who has everyone’s best interest at heart, anything  is possible, especially when forgiveness and love gift even more blessings than  ever imaginable.


 exceptional_twist_amazon_goodreads ~ no shading
~ Book 2 in a series but can be read as a stand alone ~
What’s a girl to  do when the one person she’s been forewarned about is the only one that her  heart desires?
Leah Valdez is a sassy, intelligent, hard-working woman  whose beauty shines from both inside and out. Friends and family have always  come first, but it’s time for her to start thinking about her own future.
Stefen Hunter is a rich, charming, sexy playboy. With seemingly no  effort on his part, countless women flock to him. That is, until he meets Leah.  He can’t understand why it’s so difficult to win her over or what it is about  her that intrigues him so much.
When an unfortunate event intertwines  their lives, Leah finds herself in a war between her thoughts and desires. To  forgive, and ultimately trust, Stefen, she will have to put her heart on the  line. After what he’s put her through, she’s not sure she’s willing to do that.
As compassion meets resistance, will Stefen be able to step out of his  comfort zone and accept that he can become the redeemed man worthy of Leah’s  love? Is Stefen and Leah’s connection strong enough to withstand An Exceptional  Twist?


actual teaser ET Leah

And don’t forget to comment on this post to be entered to win an ecopy of one of Kimi’s books 🙂 We will pick one random winner tonight at 9pm EST. Good Luck!!!



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