REVIEW**~**Twice in a Lifetime by Ruthie Henrick

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Is it possible to find your one true love…twice?

Blind date. When Allie and Ben are thrown together to help their friends out of a bind, they find the unexpected – and unwanted – spark of attraction difficult to ignore. Surrendering to it, they marry and live their happyish-ever-after – until Ben’s death reveals a betrayal that rocks Allie’s world.

The sidelines. Where Jake has hovered for the past fifteen years, business partners with his best friend, in love with his best friend’s wife. He’s shocked by his friend’s duplicity, overcome by the guilt of a deathbed promise. But he’s waited half a lifetime for a chance to love Allie, and it’s time to make his move.

Marriage. Allie might be ready to take the slow slide from friend to lover, but a lifetime is a leap she won’t agree to. She can’t deprive Jake of the family he’s never had but longs for – the family she can no longer give him. How can she refuse him, though, when he sets out to prove the only family he needs – has ever wanted – is her?



*Review copy received from the author for an honest review*

4.5 emotional stars!!

I am so in love with this story!!! Allie, Jake, and even Ben stole my heart in this one. They had my emotions all over the place. I was smiling, laughing, swooning, hurting, and even pissed off a few times. This story is filled with love, regret, betrayal, heartache, trust….you name it, it’s packed in there. I love finding new authors that rock my reading world, and Ruthie has!!

I don’t need to go into much detail about the plot of this story, the synopsis sums it up well…almost too well. That’s my only complaint. I wish I hadn’t known as much as I did going in. Some readers like to know a lot about the story first, I just happen to be one that loves going in blind as much as I can. But, don’t fret, there are still a few surprises you will love 😉

“He’d given his heart a lifetime ago. It wasn’t up for grabs.”

I enjoyed every moment of reading this story. There was never a point where I lost interest. She gives you enough detail about the characters feelings to suck you into their heads but not bore you. It felt so real and I was able to understand the characters and feel for them. Allie is amazing!! Her life really is not an easy one, but she was able to make the best out of it. Now Jake, Jake stole my heart from the beginning. I was cheering him on from chapter one even though I knew he wasn’t getting the girl in the beginning. My heart actually ached for him as he had to stand by and be the supportive best friend while Ben lived the life that Jake wanted 😦  And then Ben…WTF was he thinking?!? I felt like he had the potential to be an amazing guy and I actually am still torn about him, but he made BAD decisions!!

“I’m not amazing. I loved him. For a long time I loved him. And I have to believe he loved us too, the best way he could.” -Allie

And even though the story focuses on Aliie, Jake, and Ben mainly, there are so many other secondary characters that really made the story so great. I couldn’t help but love them all and cheer them all on. This story truly did touch my heart and make me think about how quickly life goes by. It makes you think about the little things and how important happiness is. I highly recommend you get your hands on this story and I give it the Book Bitch stamp of approval  🙂

~Jennifer L.

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Hi there! I’m Ruthie Henrick, and I’m an Arizona girl. I write romantic women’s fiction and contemporary romance.
I’ve always been an avid reader, even as a child. I’ll read just about anything, but I love anything with romance in it. I am a romance junkie.
I first started writing a couple of years ago. I’ve never been that person who dreamed about being an author or loved telling stories. I used to try making up bedtime stories when my kids were little and I’d draw a blank every time. But an idea had been running through my mind for a while so I decided to start typing and see where it led. Three months later I had a really good first draft. Let me tell you, nobody was more surprised than me!
I love music, especially country music, and that’s generally the soundtrack to whatever I have going on. At work, doing housework, in the car—the music is always on. Except when I write—that I have to do in silence.
We have three sons and they’re all grown and scattered around the country, but the Big Kahuna and I are still ruled by a fifteen-year-old deaf Pekinese with OCD. Life is interesting!
I’m not much of a TV watcher, except for shows like The Voice and American Idol. Gives me lots of time to write, and read. Like many of you, I have a one-click compulsion. The number of unread books on my Kindle is really embarrassing.
I love chatting with other readers, sharing my favorite books and authors, and discovering those new to me. Come by and hang out with me on any of my social media.

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