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Title: Then There Was You 
(So Much It Hurts Series Book Two)
Author: Melanie Dawn 
Hosted by: The Book Avenue

Chris King never saw it coming…
In some ways, closing the book on my first love was the worst day of life. I was gutted, and yet I was completely at peace with my decision. I walked away knowing that I did what was best for her, unsure if I could ever recover. Little did I know that one concert would change the entire course of my life. There I stood, signing autographs and snapping pictures with fans when a familiar face in the crowd catapulted my mind back in time—Salem Honeycutt, once a balm to my pain and a calm in my storm. Yet again, her smiling face gave me hope. Only one question remained: did she still see me as a wayward teenage boy who was completely off limits, or could she see the man I’d become…focused and driven, yearning for another chance at love?
For Salem Honeycutt, postpartum bliss seemed like a lie…

No one told me that I’d hate my baby when I brought her home from the hospital. No one told me that I’d want to put a pillow over my husband’s head and smother him in his sleep. No one told me that I’d want to slap every person who gave me the ever-so-cliché advice to ‘cherish every moment.’ No one told me that I’d despise my life the minute I became a mother, but I did. Then I met Chris King, the kid who made me want to pull myself up from the dark recesses of my mind and face each day. This kid, whose passion for life and talent for music, touched my soul deeper than I could ever touch his. Chris gave me a reason to live. I was once affectionately known as Mrs. H., Chris’s juvenile detention counselor. This is our story.

Chris King

Salem Honeycutt


*ARC received from the author for an honest review*

5 STARS!!!

I don’t know about you all, but So Much It Hurts left me heartbroken!! Tears streaming down my face for Chris.

“Not only was he gorgeous beyond belief, but he was humble, sweet, amazing, and compassionate.” -Salem

But then I was offered an ARC of Then There Was You and my hopes for happiness came alive for Chris. But ladies, it is not instant happiness. I wish I could tell you that you will instantly feel all better for him. But,you will…eventually 😉 My heart still aches from the back and forth of breaking and mending.  This story put my emotions through the ringer. I am not an emotional person but I was so pissed at times that I had to take a breather. But, it’s not all bad emotions. I don’t mean to scare anyone. Even though I was so ticked and hurt at times, I also had MANY moments of swooning, smiling, and maybe even some happy tears.

I know it says this book can be read as a standalone, but I feel like you don’t feel and understand all the emotions without knowing what happened in So Much It Hurts. There are parts that I think wouldn’t be as touching without knowing that part. But, I was pleasantly surprised by all the back story we were given about Chris. He is quite an awesome guy, even with all the shit he has been through. I loved being able to know so much about where he came from and how he gets to his HEA. Be prepared to shed some tears, though. IT WILL HAPPEN!! I cried for Salem. I cried for Chris. I cried because I was happy. I cried because it was sad. And I cried because I just wanted it all to get better!!! LOL

“Little did he know, he was giving me a reason to get up every day. He gave me a reason to keep putting one foot in front of the other.” -Salem

The addition of Salem to this story was the highlight for me. I loved Salem’s character and her sweetheart of a daughter, Alexis. She is the main character that made me cry the most. She puts up with a lot of crap that she shouldn’t and she STRUGGLED!! But, she has an amazingly caring heart and even through her toughest times, she was there for others.

I can’t stress to you all enough of how much I have enjoyed every part of this series so far. So Much It Hurt broke me in the end, but Then There Was You eventually put my shattered heart back together piece by piece…after a few hiccups 😉 I enjoy every aspect of Melanie’s writing and I can’t thank her enough for sharing this story 🙂 It’s definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions that you don’t want to miss!

~Jennifer L.

Melanie Dawn is a thinker, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. When her head isn’t in the clouds, she spends her time as a jack of all trades to her family. Melanie resides in the hills of North Carolina with her husband, her three children, and her cat. She enjoys lazy summer afternoons cruising around the lake on the pontoon boat with her family.
Melanie graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA in Psychology and earned her MA in School Counseling from Appalachian State University. She spent the first six years after graduate school as a middle school counselor. Those were years she deems as some of the best years of her life. That is, until she had children of her own. The last seven years have been spent as a stay-at-home mom. She has learned some tough life lessons, like what the inner absorbent pellets of a diaper look like scattered in the washing machine. She has also learned the strength of the willpower of a two year old lacking a nap. Through it all, Melanie has learned how to roll with the punches and appreciate the time she has been able to spend at home with her children.
Now that her last child has started Kindergarten, Melanie is ready to add a new chapter in her life. That chapter begins with her debut novel—So Much It Hurts.

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