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The man was sinful. It wasn’t just the looks that made him dangerous, it was the cocky confidence that dominated every move, every touch. And the frustrating yet ecstatic fact about the whole package was that he could back it all up…

Julia Campbell never knows what to expect with win-at-all-costs Brad De Luca. And she’s starting to like it that way. She gave up safe, conventional relationships when she let the elite divorce attorney seduce her into his world. Now that he’s determined to strip her naked of every inhibition, she’s in danger of falling too deep and too fast.

But their affair begins to feel even more dangerous when a murder leaves a trail of suspicion that points straight to the mob…and Brad. Trusting a man with a bad reputation and a past full of secrets seems like a mistake. But when she’s forced to make a choice, the consequences will take her further than she could ever have imagined.



My orgasm was long, hard, and insanely good – visions filling my head, my eyes opening intermittently seeing faces, hearing words, knowing that a room was watching – the knowledge stretching out the orgasm, and I was close to sobbing when it ended, my body collapsed against him, legs useless.

I sagged in his arms, my thighs wet, body quaking. I had just come, in front of this whole room, men staring, my breasts hanging out, my panties ripped and tossed on the floor. I should have felt like a slut, a dirty whore. But instead I felt liberated, aroused. It was an interesting discovery, to know that I liked being dirty. I wanted to be stared at, pointed to, to have men lining up to fuck me. Inside, I felt a release of some tie, some leash undone, and I knew my descent into sexual awareness was just now starting. I wasn’t sure if I could ever tie it back into orderly place.



“I promise to never kiss, caress or fuck another woman without you there, watching it happen. And I promise to allow you to be as unfaithful as you want as long as I am there to make sure you’re satisfied.”  -Brad

I have no words!!! Seriously….nothing I say can express how much I love this series. I don’t even remember how I stumbled across Blindfolded Innocence many, many, many months ago, but I am so thankful I did. You can’t be a reader without reading Brad and Julia’s story. They are heartwarming, heart breaking, frustrating, funny, and will heat you up to your max.

“What you do to me, Julia, your fucking sassy mouth, your tight little body…I want to make you do such bad things.” -Brad

In this series, Alessandra takes two opposites and puts them together to make some serious steam!! Blushing could be involved for those that don’t love this kind of stuff 😉 And there are some other secondary characters…but I am so caught up in Brad and Julia that I hardly even notice them. Their relationship is so intense, erotic, and entertaining that I don’t even need all the others. Except maybe one certain Russian and the fabulous Martha 😉

“He owned me, I was his to do with as he wanted.” –Julia

Julia rocks!!! I fucking love her. She is the right amount of submissive with just enough sass to put Brad in his place when he needs it. She’s young, and sometimes a little ditsy, but she also stands up for what she wants when it is really important. I am a true believer that some battles aren’t worth fighting and I get the feeling she feels the same. And, yes, I am talking like she is real because book characters are real in my head  😉

“You are someone I could fall in love with.”  -Brad

And then Brad…what can I say about Brad?? So much!!! Brad is a hot alpha male with a sex life that will blow your mind. But he also is a sweetheart underneath that tough guy shell that everyone sees and believes. I will be honest and say I was not a fan of him in the beginning of Blindfolded Innocence, but he grew on me in a HUGE way and now I am his biggest fan. #teambrad

So, if you are looking for a SMOKING HOT read that will make your vagina drool, you have hit the jackpot!!!  Alessandra is one of my favorite writers and this Book Bitch would give this book more than 5 stars if I could. Go buy it now!!

~Jennifer L.

Blindfolded Innocence

The Diary of Brad De Luca (Innocence (#1.5)

Masked Innocence


Alessandra Torre is a new author who focuses on contemporary erotica. Her first book, Blindfolded Innocence, was published in July 2012, and was an Erotica #1 Bestseller for two weeks. The sequel to Blindfolded, Masked Innocence, will be released in February 2014.

Alessandra lives in the Southern United States and is married, with one young child. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and playing with her dogs. Her favorite authors include Lisa Gardner, Gillian Flynn, and Jennifer Crusie.

Learn more about Alessandra on her website at, or you can find her on Twitter (@ReadAlessandra) or her Facebook fanpage





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