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Rebecca Chase has never been interested in dating, and definitely not in relationships.Custom Book Cover Ashley 3 draft 2 She only had two goals in life, to get her college degree and to get the hell away from her house. When she meets Lucas everything that she thought she had wanted was now turned upside down.

Lucas Masterson has it all money, fame, and his dream job of being in the music industry. He knows that most people are just out for themselves and will use him as much as they can. When he meets Becca he realizes that he never really knew what he wanted. He thinks that she is the most amazing person he has ever met, but can he balance her and his crazy life?

Can two people who come from completely different worlds make it work or will the people trying to tear them apart succeed?

Get ready to get lost in this crazy romantic adventure and surrender yourself to Lucas and Becca.


**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

*4.5 Stars*

This is the third book by Ashley that I have read and again I wasn’t disappointed in it. I really enjoyed this book. I will say that I was intrigued with this book when I read the synopsis. I am sucker for a Rocker love story. I know what you are thinking….rock star love story means lots of women, drugs, drinking and partying. Well this book was different. I love that she created a character like Luke who wasn’t all about the extras that come with a life in the limelight. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because I have come to realize I am a hopeless romantic. I know some people will be put off by the fact that this book is a insta-love situation, but I guess that’s what make me a hopeless romantic because I didn’t have a problem with it. I was glad to see that the author didn’t rush the physical part of Luke and Becca’s relationship. She actually had them take it slow so they could gain the trust and bond that a couple needs to have before going into a physical relationship. My only complaint and why it wasn’t a 5 star read for me was because of the length of the book. I wish it would’ve been longer. I know there is another book coming for Luke and Becca so I guess that makes things easier for me to deal with. I guess in a way I thought that the author could’ve expanded on some things that I thought were glossed over, just given us a little more detail. But again that didn’t deter me from really loving this story.

I LOVED Luke’s character. Not only was he a swoony rock star but he was down to earth as well and really just loved being in the music industry for the music. He didn’t need all the extra benefits to make him happy. He is though, like some other heroes out there, in that, he has some major trust issues. Being in the business he has been in he has had many people lie, steal and cheat to get what they want. So to say he is a little hesitant when it comes to Becca, it makes sense. I also liked that he is a family man, even though his family isn’t a huge part of this story, you could still feel the connection between his parents and his sister. As for Becca….I liked her character because in her own way she was a very strong girl who knew what she wanted out of life and was not going to let anything or anyone stop her from getting it. I did find her a little naive when certain things happen with another character. I wanted to slap her and tell her to wake up, but I guess then we wouldn’t have had the drama in this book. Although I’m not sure if she was all that naive or more just too trusting. She always wanted to see the good in people even when they didn’t deserve it. I also liked this story because it showed that even though Becca and Luke come from two completely different worlds, opposites do still attract and can build a life together.

As for secondary characters, I loved Jen ( and not because I have the same name 😉 ) I just loved her spunk and attitude. She was a great friend to Becca. She offered up advice when Becca needed it and didn’t judge her for what she didn’t have. I loved her loyalty to Becca.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a swoony rock star who falls for the sweet and trusting good girl. This book made me laugh in more then one place because of the great banter between characters, but it also had me blushing, swooning, getting pissed and falling in love with Becca and Luke. This book had a little bit of everything. Yes there is some drama towards the end of the book but it is corrected pretty quickly. This book has a Happy For Now ending, but with a To Be Continued ending as well. I don’t feel that this book is one that you need to wait for the next book to come out before you read it. It ends in a good place, you just know there is more to come.

~Jennifer H.



Ashley Piscitelli lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. On top a writing career, she is a full-time student and a full-time mom. She loves spending time with her kids, although she has to hide the computer from them when she is writing! She love being active and being outdoors, especially if it involves any kind of shopping.

She has always been passionate about writing. She loves to read romance books and feels like being able to lose yourself in a book is one of the more exciting aspects. The books she loves to read and write will be ones that make you feel for the characters. Ashley believes that you should have an opinion on every character in a book whether you love them, hate them, or think they are up to something.

She also believes that the most important critic is your reader, so she loves to hear from the readers. She want her fans to be open & talk to her about what they want for the characters in the story, and what they would like to see happen.

Please visit Ashley’s facebook page at:

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