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*Warning: This book is for mature readers ages 18 and up. It contains sex, sex, and more sex with a porn star. It briefly touches on M/F/M and M/F/F.

Adult Films. XXX Movies. Porn.ChangingHisGameEbook1600x2400-1

These are the kind of movies I’ve never planned to watch. It was a taboo topic where I grew up. As a kid I had only heard of it in passing. In middle school my parents would talk about my creepy uncle Frank and how he should look for a job instead of watching “those movies” all day. In High School boys thought it was funny to ask my friends and me to star in the amateur adult films they were making. In college most of my guy friends watched them, but I never had. When I moved to California that changed.

After surprising my fiancé at home and catching him screwing another woman, I hopped in my car and started driving. I was running away from my old life and I needed a change. I remembered my friend Tawny inviting me to visit her in Los Angeles, so that’s where I went.

I didn’t find Tawny when I got there, but I did find her gorgeous roommate, Jared. Our friendship started out rough, but he gave me a place to stay and helped me get back on my feet. He became my best friend. My best friend who millions of women happened to lust over.

Jared plays by a different set of rules, where anything goes. His lifestyle is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before and it scares me. When you live your life on the edge, eventually you’ll fall over. I didn’t want to see that happen to him.

At night he’s just Jared, my Jared, and I’ll deny it to anyone who asks, but I’m completely in love with him. During the day he’s Brandon Boner, and the world is in love with him.

Oh yeah, did I mention he’s a porn star?


Jared and Autumn


**ARC provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review**

**5 HOLY H.O.T. Jared Stars**

First off I want to say Thank You to Justine Elvira (the author) for giving me the opportunity to read an ARC of this book. I loved Lawful Overdose by Justine and was so excited to read this book as well. She did not disappoint!!! I will admit I was drawn to this book because of the Cover..I mean who can resist a HOT TATTOOED man in a towel 😉 Once I read the synopsis of this book I was drawn in even more. I mean really…who can write a love story where the main male character is a Porn Star….Well Justine for sure can. I honestly thought this book was going to be about a lot of sex and I was also curious how she would write this story without the cheating aspect. Well let me tell you she did it….this book had just enough sex to make it steamy and she created a story with a porn star with absolutely NO CHEATING!!!! This book was exactly what I was looking for….I had been wanting to read a book that was steamy and fun, but without all the drama and angst that we see in most of the books these days. This book was definitely steamy and fun, but still had a little drama to keep the story interesting. I loved the story that Justine created between Jared and Autumn. We saw them grow together and individually. I really enjoyed watching their friendship grow and move into something more. And let me tell you, this book had a great epilogue!!!!! I loved how it closed this story but also opened up some more characters to a possible new book 😉

Like I said before….JARED is a dream!!!! Who can resist a man with tattoos and a piercing 😉 I have to admit I didn’t like Jared in the beginning….I thought he was mean and just not very swoon worthy, but let me tell you…that changed quickly. Once he started to open up to Autumn he turned into someone who will be on my BBF list for a long time. We do find out why Jared is in the Adult Film Industry….it broke my heart. He truly was a broken man. But with the help of Autumn he began to heal 🙂 Autumn was a great character also. We first meet her when she is leaving Michigan because she catches her Fiance’ screwing someone else. She is going to visit her friend Tawny in California and that’s where she meets Jared. Her first introduction to Jared is an interesting one….( You’ll have to read the book to see what I mean ). One thing I really loved about Autumn and her character was that she saw people for who they were on the inside. She knew in her mind that what Jared did for a living should turn her off, but once she got to know the man underneath, she realized that he was just a sweet lovable man. I loved that she could see past his job and open herself up to the man he really is. Now like I said there wasn’t a lot of drama in this book, but what there is, is caused by these two. They really needed to learn how to communicate a little better.

As for secondary characters…there really aren’t any that stand out. They all served their purpose to the story, but this book really focused around Autumn and Jared.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a love story with great steam (that’s not to raunchy), lovable characters, and is a fun quick read. This book will have you interested from the first page all the way to the last page. This was one of those books I didn’t want to see end, because I loved the characters and story so much. This is definitely a book I will read again in the future.

~Jennifer H.


He drifts his hand up a little higher on my thigh and gently squeezes, again. “So I’m popping your concert cherry?”

I blush at his insinuation and slap at his hand that’s still resting on my leg, “I guess you are. Be gentle, please.”

He groans from his side of the car and starts to caress and massage my inner thigh. “You can’t say things like that, babe.”

“But you can?” I ask him.

“Yes, I can, because it’s what’s expected of me. When you say it, all I can think of is you underneath me, and me fucking you until you’re screaming my name so loud the neighbors can hear.”

“But your nearest neighbor lives half a mile down the street.”


©2013 Justine Elvira

Changing His Game


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I am a mother and avid reader. I love so many different genres of books and began publishing my own stories in 2013. Writing is my release and I love to share the stories in my head with you. When I’m not writing I’m spending time with my children. I want to give you a few random facts about me! I love the idea of love. Chocolate is my kryptonite. I want my own HEA. Rainstorms bring me peace. Sleep is underrated. I love alpha males. Apple rules my life.



  1. That’s an interesting dynamic there. How do you handle what your honey does? It’ll be great to read and find out how the author and characters handle this.

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