REVIEW and GIVEAWAY**~**The Dark Light of Day by T.M. Frazier


This book is for mature audiences 17+. It contains explicit language and sexual content.

Abby has been through hell and has survived one of the most brutal childhoods imaginable…barely. To the outside world she is just a loner with an attitude. When her grandmother dies in a tragic explosion, Abby is left with questions-and nothing else. Homeless, sleeping in a junkyard, and on the run from a system that has failed her over and over again, she meets Jake, a tattooed blue-eyed biker with secrets that will rival her own. Two broken souls that can’t be healed. They can’t be saved. Abby & Jake must reveal to one another their most guarded secrets and discover if they can embrace the darkness those secrets hold-and the shadows within themselves. If they can accept one another for who they really are, they might be able to learn that love isn’t always found in the light.


4 BROKEN stars!!!

Wow!! This one was a lot darker than I expected. I love surprises and this one surprised me. It had me on the edge of my seat and gripping my kindle tightly because I couldn’t put it down. I had to know that there was a HEA coming.

“Sick, twisted Abby was in love with the sick, twisted, beautiful Jake.”

“How could broken plus broken ever equal whole?”

Abby and Jake are two screwed up people! I am not sure you can get much more broken than the two of them are. Separate they are broken beyond prepare but together they are happy. Happy….yeah, I know, I might have gone a little too far with the word happy but you get the picture. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about Jake, and I still am not sure after finishing the book. I will say he is HOT, but he has some major issues!! Issues that will stay with him forever. And Abby…I wanted to make all Abby’s hurt go away L She has gone through things no person should ever have to. And every time I thought I could smile for her and be happy for her, I was thrown another curve ball. I even almost shed a few tears for her. I wanted to rip her out of that story and keep her safe.

“I fell asleep that night in the arms of a killer. I’d never slept better.”

This is not a happy book, I will warn you now of that. Yeah, there may have been a few moments that I was able to smile and giggle at some funny comments, but not as many as I would have liked. It’s deep shit! Stuff that pisses you off and makes you angry at the characters. But, there is some humor. Abby has a mouth on her and Jake doesn’t hold back, so the two of them did make me chuckle a few times.

“did you say something about the clothes I wear, bitch? Because honestly, I’d much rather be known as the girl who wears sweatshirts than the vagina most likely to be recognized in a line up.”

It was a quick read for me. It’s not a short book but it flowed very well. For me, it was one of those books that I kept saying, I will just read one more chapter. One more chapter turned into me being up till 1am last night finishing it J I felt like I needed closure. I know that sounds funny but this story had too much going on for me to be able to set it down and walk away.

My only complaint was that a few things that happened that I had a tad bit of a hard time believing. Maybe not the whole scene itself but just how things would play out. But, it still didn’t keep me from enjoying this whole story and recommending to readers(who like the stories about deep and dark issues) to read it! 🙂

~Jennifer L.


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T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier resides in sunny Southwest Florida with her  husband andHead Shot three feisty fur kids. She attended Florida Gulf Coast University  where she specialized in public speaking. After years working in real estate and  new home construction, she decided it was finally time to stop pushing her  dreams to the back burner and pursue writing seriously. In the third grade she  wrote her very first story about a lost hamster. It earned rave reviews from  both her teacher and her parents. It only took her twenty years to start the  next one. The Dark Light of Day is her debut novel. Determined not to  wait another twenty years, T.M. is hard at work on her second novel. It will not  be about hamsters.

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