**REVIEW**At Your Mercy by Rhyme Devereux

At Your Mercy copy (1)

Welcome to VIP, a personalized matchmaking agency catering to professional executives. Satisfaction, and so much more, guaranteed.

Ivy Montgomery:

Working as a VIP Companion, Ivy gets to see the world, accompanying businessmen on social events and business trips. She refrains from all lures of forming romantic relationships, especially with her clients. As far as Ivy’s concerned, falling in love weakens you. Now her newest client is Jax, a childhood friend. He was the one who kept her safe through a rough time in her life. His seductive charm and soothing caresses are difficult to ignore. Those piercing blue eyes captivate her. Her wildest fantasies about him have her suffocating with an intense need descending from her supple skin and lips, straight to her core. He arouses her, in every way. It might be time for her to make an exception to her rule…

Jax Sterling:

As President of his family business; Sterling Vacation Resorts, Jax gives orders to everyone. No questions asked. He spends most of his time and energy on work, leaving no room for dating. In need of a companion, Jax decides to contact VIP. Sparks fly when he sees Ivy. He hadn’t expected to meet up with this feisty redheaded woman, whom he had known a long time ago. However, she isn’t that fragile, young girl with low self esteem he once protected. Her beautiful face and sensual curves are breathtaking to him now. Jax will stop at nothing ‘til he has her moaning in his bed.

Will Ivy let her guard down and revel in the pleasures of a man for the first time? He might be off-limits, but Jax will shatter all her inhibitions. At Your Mercy, will excite you and your palate will crave seduction.

Warning: This short sexy story is intended for mature audiences.



**A Copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**


This is probably going to be a pretty short review, just because this book was only 36 pages.  That really doesn’t allow me to talk to much about it.  I enjoyed this quick and sexy read.  I just wish there would’ve been more to it.  Because of the length it kind of made it hard to connect with the story and characters.  This is definitely a book that if you are looking to pass the time with a sweet and sexy love story, you’ll want to pick up.  I am glad I was given the opportunity to read and review this book.  I am also looking forward to other books by this author.

This book is kind of a second chance love story because Jax and Ivy knew each other when they were younger.  We don’t learn a whole lot about them in the past, but we do find out the Ivy had a not so happy upbringing, which in turn has made her build walls around herself and her heart.  She doesn’t want to end up like her mom.  I really wish we would’ve gotten a little more background into her upbringing.  As the story went on we are left with some holes and questions.  Ivy is a ‘Companion’ for  VIP which is owned by her bff Violet.  This is where she is reunited with Jax.  He has hired a companion for some business dinners.  From there the story is about Jax and Ivy expressing their feelings for each other and about relationships in general.    I don’t want to say much more because it would give everything away.  What we see of both Jax and Ivy, I think they are great characters….I just wish we would’ve gotten more of them and what they are like…I guess more character development.  Being that this is a really short novella, there aren’t really any secondary characters except Violet.  We don’t see much of her in this book, but from what we do see, she is loyal friend to Ivy and is willing to tell her like it is and to get Ivy out of her own head.

The one main thing about a book of this length is that everything seems so rushed.  That would have to be my biggest complaint about this book.  This story had so much potential to be turned into a slightly longer novella.  With that said though….this was an enjoyable light and sexy read without any real drama!!!!

~Jennifer H.




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