REVIEW**~**Bet In The Dark by Rachel Higginson


All Ellie Harris wanted was a life of her own.

In a shortsighted decision, she follows her high school boyfriend to college, only to get cheated on and then dumped. And to add insult to injury her overprotective family is suddenly clinging to her again, fighting to control every part of her life.

Bad luck follows her hasty decision and when her roommate steals her identity and leaves town, Ellie is left to clean up a gigantic mess.

Fin Hunter insists Ellie owes him seven thousand dollars from an online poker game and he is determined to get it from her. Determined to keep her family out of her life, Ellie agrees to work for Fin in his illegal online poker operation. He’s given her six weeks to pay off the debt.

Soon sparks are flying between them and the only thing keeping her from falling for him is the debt she still owes and the money she doesn’t have.

At the end either Ellie will have to pay the mistaken debt or bet in the dark that her feelings for Fin will be worth more than the money.



**A copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.**


I’m not really sure where to start my review of this book.  I enjoyed reading this book but it didn’t WOW me.  I felt like something was missing, but I can’t really put my finger in what that is.  I was definitely intrigued with the storyline of this book…this was story I hadn’t read before.  Which I of course found very refreshing.  Yes it is a NA book with most of the same components we see in this genre but the storyline was unique in itself.  I did notice that this book has been marked as a comedy/humor type book.  I really didn’t see that in this book.  Yes there are some sarcastic comments made that made me giggle but nothing that made me laugh out loud, but that was okay…it didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the story.  I didn’t go into this book expecting it to be a laugh out loud funny book.  Based on the synopsis I expected a dramatic romance and that’s what we got.  I like the writing style of this book and the flow of the story.    I think the only real thing that I found difficult with this book was the length of it..I felt it dragged a little bit.  I would’ve liked more of the love story to take center stage or even if the whole poker aspect would have come out more.  I felt that some of the stuff we learn at the end of the book could’ve come out sooner, which would’ve shorten the book and taken away some if the extra information we didn’t really need.

As for the characters in the book…I LOVED Finley Davis Hunter…aka Fin.  He definitely made my bbf list and really made this book for me.  He is a misunderstood person throughout most of the book, but he is so sweet and caring when he finally opened himself up.  My heart melted for the love he had for his family.  I can’t say to much about that bc it kind gives things away ;). As for Ellie…there was something about her that didn’t sit right with me.  She wasn’t annoying like other heroines we read about but I guess to me she was so up and down.  I appreciated the fact that she wanted to be independent and provide for herself.  But she was so everything was black and white.  She thought that if she let her family help her that she wouldn’t be independent.  And it was this thinking that got her in the trouble she was in with Fin in the beginning.  Plus I didn’t understand why she didn’t fight harder when she told  Fin that the debt that was owed to him wasn’t hers.  I guess we wouldn’t have had a story then..right!!  I did enjoy the banter between Fin and Ellie…when she did use her back bone she really gave it to Fin and those moments were really great.  I do like that Fin and Ellie took time to get to know each other and progressed as friends before moving into more.  I also liked how respectful Fin was to Ellie regarding her virginity.  Fin was a player and had been with many women, but it was never about a hookup with Ellie and I loved that.  I also liked the people they came out to be at the end of this story.

As for the secondary characters I thought they were fantastic.  I really liked Beckett, Lennox, Grayson, Ty, Britte, and Jameson.  Each of these characters added such great support to Ellie and Fin.  I actually would love to see a story written about all of these characters.. I don’t think their stories are over.

I would recommend this book if you are looking for a NA contemporary romance with a different storyline to it.  This book was a refreshing change of pace.

~ Jennifer H.





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