**REVIEW**Pulled Back Again by Danielle Bannister

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What if the love of your life was taken from you?
What would you be willing to risk to get her back?

Jada and Tobias thought moving away from their former predatorial friend, Hawk, would keep them safe.

They were wrong.

Join Twin Flames, Tobias and Jada, as they fight to keep their love burning bright.

Get Pulled Back Again into a love story that has no end.


My Review


The Twin Flames series sucked me in with book 1, Pulled, and I have been hooked ever since. In my opinion, the series has done nothing but get better and better.  Paranormal romance is one of my loves, but it all depends on the authors writing style as to whether I enjoy it.  In other words, the author can make it or break it for me.  And, Danielle has made it, with this whole series!!!

So let’s recap the first 2 books. Naya and Etash are killed by her crazy ex, Seth, in book one. And, on that same night, Jada, Tobias, and Hawk are born. Then in book 2, Jada and Tobias and Hawk all become friends and a love triangle starts. In the end of book 2, Jada and Tobias get together just as they are meant to, and Hawk loses it over that revelation. So, we are left with Hawk in jail and the love birds trying to live happily ever after with their daughter Janelle. But, we all know Janelle is not Tobias’ daughter and that little bit of info is going to be a huge problem for them soon. Hawk is not the kind to give up and he is not ready to give up on what he thinks is the love of his life and his daughter.  So now it all begins in Pulled Back Again.

Running…hiding…it’s not enough when it comes to Hawk. But, help is so much closer than either of them even thought. Will Tobias get to Jada in time?? I was anxious. Anxious because Hawk was so damn unstable and poor Tobias couldn’t fight off a fly if he wanted to, with that bad lung. I have to say that this one brought me the most anxiety. I just wanted them to get their happily ever after, but that damn Hawk keeps getting in their way. And then, poor Janelle, she doesn’t need to even know that she has a daddy like that 😦

I truly have enjoyed every word of this series that Danielle has written and very much recommend this series to those who are a fan of paranormal romance. There is no hot sex or sexy guys in this story but you know what, I didn’t need it!! I just enjoyed reading about how two souls that are meant for each other, come together, over and over and over 🙂

5 B's

Buy the series HERE!!!


Pulled (Book 1 Twin Flames Trilogy)
Pulled Back (Book Two: A Flame Reborn) (Twin Flames Trilogy 2)
Pulled Back Again: Book Three: The Final Flame (Twin Flame Trilogy) (Volume 3)


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