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Baya Brighton is looking forward to her first year at Whitney Briggs University, new friends, dorm life, 18171526and finally being close to her brother again. Love is the last thing on the list, but when Baya meets her brother’s roommate she begins to have thoughts and feelings that make even her blush.

Bryson Edwards has a secret he prefers buried in the past and long forgotten. He prefers loose girls, fast cars, and long nights working at the string of bars his family owns. When his roommate’s sister shows up on the scene, she’s far too innocent and sweet for him but he can’t shake Baya out of his mind and worse, it looks like she’s seeping into his heart as well.

Baya seems determined to show her brother she’s not a little kid and equally determined to use Bryson’s body to prove her point. It’s been made pretty clear that Baya is off limits to Bryson but their undeniable sparks explode into a whole lot more than just a few 3:AM KISSES.


Jennifer Harried’s Review

**ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

3.5 to 4 Stars

This was my first book by Addison Moore and I can say that it probably won’t be my last.  I  enjoyed reading this book but it didn’t WOW me.  The beginning of the story was kind of slow and very single minded when it came to the storyline. The story is about a 19 year old girl who is going off to college.  She picks the college that her brother is at because she wanted to be closer to him.  Baya is a virgin and an all around good girl, but she is sick of being the good girl and she is hoping that she will meet someone at college to help her get rid of her v-card.  Baya’s big brother Cole is very protective of her and still treats her like she is 12 years old.  So you can imagine he is not about to let her go off and hook up with anyone.  This story I think had a lot of potential to be a really great book, but it kind of lacked character and storyline development.  We really didn’t get to know the characters like I usually like to know them.  Baya and Cole had a tragic incident happen in their past but we really don’t get all the details.  I think this is the reason that Cole acts the way he does in the book, but that is where the storyline could’ve been expanded.  Now with that said….this book actually turned completely around at about the 40% mark for me.  Once Baya and Bryson finally break down all their walls to each other the story got really good.  I enjoyed watching their relationship grow over the rest of the book.  Once they do get together things seemed to move rather quickly, but it was still believable to me.  I really felt their feelings for each other.

Now talking about Baya and Bryson….they were a really cute couple together.  Baya was a girl determined to lose her v-card and she fell hard for Bryson.  Baya was also a spunky sarcastic girl.  She had me laughing in quite a few places in this story.  Some of the things she said reminded me of me and things I would say.   I enjoyed watching her character grow as the story continued.  She grew from a quiet, timid girl into a girl who fought for what she wanted.  I was glad that by the end she finally stood up to Cole and fought for what she wanted with Bryson.  As for Bryson….to be honest he rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning.  He was harboring a secret, that doesn’t come out til the very end of the book, but you could tell that whatever it was it was eating away at him.  By not letting those feelings out, he was expressing his pain in destructive ways (whoring himself out)  I will say that i was slightly offended with the whole tally mark thing on the wall between him and Cole.  We all know that they were players and bedded a lot of different girls, but I didn’t think that needed to be spelled out.  I also felt that Baya was a little to forgiving in some situations when it came to Bryson…some things seemed to just be brushed under the rug.  I was kind of waiting for her to say something to Bryson on a couple of occasions but it never happened.  I will say that once they get together, there really is nothing that tore them apart.  Even though there were people who were surely trying to break them up.  It was refreshing to see a couple stay together and work things out together.

The secondary characters were interesting.  I really liked Roxy and Laney.  They were friends who befriend Baya when she goes to work for Bryson.  They accepted her without any question and just opened themselves up to her.  I loved Laney snarky attitude, she was a riot.  I am excited to read her Novella when it comes out.  As for Cole ( Baya’s Brother )….I didn’t ever really warm to him.  I found him very hypocritical.  He would tell Baya one thing and then not follow his own advice.  I get that he was just looking out for her and that he didn’t want her getting involved with a player like Bryson, but really he was no better.  Plus I think he could’ve been a little more discreet when it came to his conquests in the bedroom.  I felt it was very disrespectful to his sister, who was living with them because her roommate continued to have sex all the time in their room whether Baya was there or not.  As for Aubree and Jeanie….those two characters I wanted to punch in the head.  They were awful people.

So I will say that I enjoyed this book and I am glad I got to read an ARC of it.  The main thing I had trouble with was that some of the aspects of the storyline really were kind of unbelievable and very singular.  I mean this is a story about college life and only Baya went to class….everyone else was to busy in the bedroom.  I just think the story could’ve been expanded on without all the extra curricular activities 😉  Plus towards the end the author decided to add a little twist to the story and I will say I loved that because I didn’t see that coming, but I wish it would’ve come a little earlier in the story because that felt kind of rushed to me.  I would’ve liked to know how it all played out.  Once you read the book you’ll understand what I am talking about.

I would recommend this book for anyone looking for a coming of age love story with a lot of sexual talk.

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About the Author

Addison Moore is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who writes contemporary and paranormal romance. Previously she worked as a therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for nearly a decade. She resides on the West Coast with her husband, four wonderful children and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she’s not writing, she’s reading.

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