**~5000 likes THANK YOU GIVEAWAY~**



We made it to 5000 likes!!! We can’t thank you all enough, but we sure are trying by putting together(with the help and donations from many awesome authors) this THANK YOU GIVEAWAY ♥


So, want to know what kinda goodies we are giving away?!? Here’s the rundown!!

~ An ecopy of After Tuesday from Author Renee Ericson

~ An ecopy of The Impostor from Author Tiffany Carmouche

~ A signed copy of A Light in the Wound from Author Christine Brae

~ An ecopy of Playing With Fire from Author Ashley Piscitelli

~ 3 ecopies of Love and Skate from Author Lila Felix

~ A signed copy of Searchign for Moore from Author Julie Richman

~ An ecopy of Love Notes from Author Heather Gunter

~ An ecopy of Heartstrings from Author Heather Gunter

~ A signed copy of Between Five and Six: A Green Bayou Extra from Author Rhonda Dennis

~ An ecopy of Yearning Devotion from Author Rachael Orman

~ An ecopy of Collide from Author Gail McHugh

~ An ecopy of Pulse from Author Gail McHugh

~ A $5 gift card from Author K.S. Smith

~ An ecopy of Where I Need To Be from Author Kimberly Knight

~ A signed copy of Faithful from Author Kelly Elliott

~ A signed copy of Jordyn from Author Tiffany King

~ An ecopy of Jordyn and the Caverns of  Gloom from Author Tiffany King

~ A signed copy of Smash Into You from Author Shelly Crane

~ An ecopy of Real from Author Katy Evans

~ An ecopy of Façade from Author Nyrae Dawn

~ An ecopy of The Pageant and the Problem from Author S.D. Light

~ An ecopy of Fast Lane from Author Steffie Dawn

~ An ecopy of Taming the Bachelor from Author MJ Carnal

~ An ecopy of Taming the Playboy from Author MJ Carnal

~ An ecopy of Knock Love Out from Author Pella Grace

~ A signed copy of Diary of a Male Maid from Author Jennifer Foor

AND, last but not least, TWO grand prize winners will get a $50 Amazon gift card!!!

30 winners in all and we could not have done this without the support of all the amazing authors, readers, and bloggers out there!!! THANK YOU ALL, again!!! MWAH!!!! ♥♥♥

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  1. Congrats on the 5000 Likes & thanks for this amazing giveaway.
    just to let you know I already have …After Tuesday – Renee Ericson & Jordyn 1 & 2 – Tiffany King xxxx

  2. Congrats on this amazing milestone! 🙂 Wishing you many more likes to come and thanks for sharing the book love with this great giveaway! ❤

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