**REVIEW**Emma vs. the Tech Guy by Lia Fairchild


Emma Barton is a workaholic. Nothing is more important than becoming managing editor of the magazine she works for. And she has the perfect plan to achieve that goal. Then Guy Walker enters her office. Sexy, sweet, and super popular, the new tech guy takes the office by storm. Will he derail every strategy Emma has in place? If he discovers her secret, it could ruin Emma’s career and turn her life upside down.

Jennifer Harried’s Review


I’m not to sure where to start with this review.  I guess let me start by saying this book wasn’t what I expected it to be.  From reading some of the other reviews I was expecting a light hearted funny love story.  This book was pretty lighthearted and a quick read, but I think the love story really kind of took a back seat in this story.  With that said I did enjoy reading this book and it is a book that is great for a lazy day at the beach.  It’s definitely a book that can be finished in a day.  I will say that the story was interesting and very well written and flowed well.

I think one thing I had a problem with while reading this story was just that I couldn’t connect with the characters.  I did like Emma as a female character.  She was very goal orientated and focused on her career, which kind of came off as closed off in the beginning of the book.  Which is why I think I had a hard time connecting to her.  We really never saw another side of Emma until closer to the end of the book.  Now being that I said this was a love story, Guy was the hero of the story….I didn’t connect with him very well because like I said their love story really took a back seat to the story of Emma’s secret and career ambitions.  I think had we seen Guy in the story more and had a little more character developement with him, he could’ve been an amazing hero.  What we do learn about Guy I really liked….he was a very sweet guy.

This story did have a couple other side stories going on as well.  So I did like the secondary characters of the story.  Howard, Emma’s bff was a strong pillar of strength for Emma, he was supportive of her with everything she chose and she of him.  I was glad to see things worked out well for Howard in the end with both Emma and his parents.  Jayne was also another side story.  She was Emma’s closest girlfriend.  I felt that her character was a little selfish in the beginning, but I was glad to see her character develop more as the story went on.  I was also glad she made the decisions she made in the end.

Overall after everything is said I did actually like the book.  Right from the beginning you know that Emma has a secret that she is hiding and doesn’t want anyone to find out about.  I really wish that secret would’ve come out a little sooner in the story because then I think the love story between Emma and Guy could’ve been expanded on.  Finding out so late in the book about Emma’s secret really kind of made the ending slightly rushed.  I think that is really the only major issue I had with this book.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light hearted summer beach read.  It’s got some romance but also has a twist to the story that you don’t really see coming.

**Copy kindly provided by author in exchange for honest review**


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I’ve been creating stories my whole life, but only for me, in my own head. Then one day I sat down and started to write a book. I completed my first novel, In Search of Lucy, in February of 2011. Seven months later, AmazonEncore contacted me about representing my book. It’s currently in the top 10 for Kindle Drama.

My second full-length novel, Vigil Annie, was released on Amazon in December of 2012! One reviewer called this thriller “suspenseful, well-crafted, and fast paced.”

I recently completed my first Chick Lit novel, Emma vs. the Tech Guy, now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

My other works include a mystery series (A Hint of Murder) and a short, sweet romance (Special Delivery).

I was born and raised in Southern California and hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a multiple subject teaching credential. I’m a wife and mother of two teenagers.

Look for updates on me and my books at http://www.liafairchild.com or follow me on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/#!/liafairchild or Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lia.fairchild.author?fref=ts


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