**REVIEW**Knock Love Out by Pella Grace


“I want to have an affair. Rolling across bed sheets. Pinned against the wall.” –Lilla King

This Adult-New Adult mash-up is an extremely steamy contemporary romance that tells the story of Cash, a 24-year-old grocery clerk and Lilla, a 30-something unhappily married woman who fall for one another.

Warren Cash Valentine is an artist moonlighting as a cashier in his family’s failing grocery store.

On the surface he appears to be your typical smart ass, cocky 24 year-old, but underneath lies a man who is highly gifted and passionate about embracing life to the fullest.

Lilla King is a woman stuck in the winter of her life.

At 39 years-old, her marriage and career are failing which leaves her desperate to find a spark that will jump-start her woeful heart and get her back on course to finding her passion for life.

One man’s wife is another man’s lover.

Can you keep a secret?



Heather Reed’s Review

5 stars!!!
I have 3 words for you- Warren “Cash” Valentine!! I so love you!!! You are my new book boyfriend!!!
I am writing this review as soon as I wipe the last tear from my face. I want this to be fresh. This book, I thought would be a roll in the sack for a woman looking for something she was missing. Wrong!!! So so wrong! I have read a lot of books this year alone. This book, what can I say…it stole my heart & if any book is capable of keeping a piece of my heart right within it’s pages this book will forever have it.
Lilla King a 30-something unhappily married woman who falls for a 24 year old grocery clerk. She sets out to find the spark that is desperately missing from her marriage & life. Warren Cash Valentine is an average cocky smart ass young man or so she thought. He is highly gifted and not afraid to live life to the fullest. Their steamy romance which is just suppose to be a roll in the sack turns into one man’s wife becoming another man’s lover.
“I didn’t say I was happy. I just said he wasn’t a bad person. You can be two good people who just aren’t good together. That’s the part you don’t get.” Lilla
“Lettuce know if we can help you with anything” Cash
“Attention customers, we are featuring a special in the frozen food section. With every purchase you make today, Mariah Carey will dance for you.” Cash 
This book sings to your soul or at least it sure sang to mine. It took ahold of me right from the beginning & just when I thought I knew, it goes & proves me wrong. I have laughed throughout books before but nothing like this. Maybe it’s all the music references & slang used throughout this book. I felt like I was back in Cali living in my youth being wild & free. I can’t even begin to say how much this book captured me & held me captive within its pages. I stayed a willing participant just to laugh, sing & be free again. I could feel it really feel it like the light was shining from the pages feeling the warmth on my cheeks. My face hurt from all the smiling & laughter. Warren “Cash” Valentine I am in awe of you and can honestly say I fell madly deeply in love with you. You kicked Remington Tate to the curb. LOL I loved his bad mouth, his free spirit & how truly he loves. The relationship between Cash & his mom Poopy made me feel all squishy inside. It was really refreshing and love how he calls her Lady Bug. Too cute!!!! Cash’s neighbors and friends were down right gut wrenching crazy fun. I have never highlighted so many parts in a book as I did with this one. I wanted to remember it all. I cried just knowing it was coming to an end and boy did I. It’s over & already I want to read it again as if I had never even started. I highly highly recommend this book!!! It is so witty and down right hilarious. My favorite saying in this book is, “Ask me how many fucks I give.” Cash 
PELLA GRACE I love you for writing this amazing book! I really seriously just can’t say thank you enough. Your witty humor was nothing short of Fabulous!!! I could really be friends with all your characters well except for Adam. Adam, he needs a straight swift kick in the balls. LOL =)
 *Review copy given for an honest review*

About the Author

As a child Pella loved writing poetry, and swore she’d grow up to be a songwriter. Her love of poetry heavily influenced her writing style and lead Pella on a path to writing romantic, melodic, sensual books.1061a6_6751b34f4820bae00ce7527ce12a2e46_png_srz_236_281_75_22_0_50_1_20_0
Pella describes her writing style as, “if I had James Barrie as a step-father and Rita Leganski as a fairy godmother, with weekend visits from George Carlin, you’d end up with my books. I’m also mother-less, so I have a habit of placing my characters into angst-ridden plot points. (Don’t forget the fairy dust.)”
Pella Grace has been featured in publications such as Fresh Fiction and a guest blog author for USA Today.
Away from writing Pella donates her time being an advocate for small farm owners, as well as tending to her own garden.
She is also a mother, trained chef, and wife … hiding from the dirty dishes.

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  1. Holy hell! I’ll have you know that as soon as I read this review, I exercised my right to one click at Amazon.com. 🙂 What an awesome review… love me some younger men, older women stories. Bring it! ❤

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