**Release Day**Off Course by Sawyer Bennett

Sensual couple

Renner Caldwell has her life perfectly mapped out. She has the ideal relationship, the perfect job and all is right in her world. When a shameful turn of events happens, she boards the first plane bound for Ireland to lick her wounds and get her head back on straight.

Cillian O’Braidagh is the sexy, front man to the Irish rock band, Over The Edge. His rising fame and sultry voice make him every woman’s fantasy come true. Not to mention his single-minded determination. To put it simply: what Cillian wants, Cillian always gets. And he wants Renner, because there’s just something about the flame-haired beauty he has to possess.

If their relationship was just about sex and rock n’ roll, it would be easy for them to get lost in their desires. Only their relationship is anything but a hook-up.  Will lies, deceit and hidden tragedy get in the way, making the path to true love uncertain?  Or will the girl whose been knocked Off Course, find her footing with the man who is teaching her it’s okay to lose control?


Shannon Girard’s review

**This book was given by the author for an honest review**
5 stars
Off Course is On Course!  It aims straight to you your heart and melts your insides into a gooey, pleasurable mess! Wow!  Sawyer does it again and she does not disappoint. This is book 4 in the Off Series.  If you haven’t read the others, make sure you check them out!

This is the story of Renner and Cillian.  Renner is the cousin of Nix and Linc Caldwell. (From previous Off books). She is a strong, independent woman, that has been hurt and in a really awful way.  She escapes from New Jersey and moves to Dublin. She has family there and starts a job in the family pub. She is determined to get her life back on track. Little did she know that Cillian would enter her life again. I say again because they shared a moment of passion 5 years before and both have never forgotten it or each other. Re- enter Cillian. Yummy Cillian! Cillian is the lead singer of the rock band Over the Edge- and what a delicious sex on a stick treat he is! He oozes everything you could want in a book boyfriend. Total alpha male mixed with tenderness and passion.

“I’m waiting for you to fucking demand it of me. I don’t want you to ask, and I sure as hell don’t want you to beg. I want you to fucking demand that I kiss you. – Cillian
Total panty dropping moment there! And there is a whole lot more of these moments! Heat index is high! Their relationship is not an easy one. Both characters have issues that they need to deal with and get past. How they heal and help each other is a beautifully told and holds you tight from the moment you read the first word.  Oh and throw in a crazy ass band member and former lover and you have the perfect combination of love and angst!

“Christ..when I think about the things I did to her last night- the things I still want to do to her- I may be eligible for a trip to the Asylum for the Insatiable Sex Addict.”

Do you need to read the other stories in this series to follow the plot? -not necessarily. Should you? – most definitely! The books are amazing and you will not be disappointed.  There is one more book in the series and its about Renner’s brother Flynn. A brief chapter about him at the end gives the reader a glimpse of what we have to look forward to! A total teaser and I can’t wait for his story!

Overall, I loved this book. The story grabs you and sucks you in. You become invested in these characters and want them to get their happy ending. Not to mention the fact he’s a rocker  – and rockers are  hot!  I don’t want to give too much away- but he does write a song for her and its amazing!  This  bitch loves it and I know you will love it too!


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Off Sides
Off Limits
Off The Record


Off Course

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