Release day**~**Caught in a Jam by Lila Felix


I’ve loved her since we were kids. But loving someone gets tough when they don’t love you back.

Nixon Black has made mistakes. He made one mistake that would change his life forever. Now he’s working and in school—and he’s got a three year old. He gave up dating when Scout was born, but every night he retreats to another life in his mind, one he could’ve had with her.

Journey spent her formative years on the arm of any boy that didn’t expect anything out of her. She was hiding from the one person who did expect something in return—Nixon. Years after being cheated on and dumped for the last time, she takes a job at a daycare center where there’s a genius of a ginger haired girl whose last name is Black.

But the roles have been reversed and Journey is no longer Nixon’s first priority. Can he make room for the new Journey? And when he does, will he be able to forgive the old one?


Jennifer Harried’s review

It’s another FABULOUS 5 star READ by Lila Felix.  I absolutely love this series.  Caught in a Jam is book 4 in the Love and Skate Series.  I have to say that each book just keeps getting better.  I love the Black family.  What I love about this book and the series is that this book was based around Nixon Black and Journey, but we also got so much of the other family members.  It was great that Owen, Nellie, Falcon, Reed, Maddox, and Storey played such a huge part in this story.  Each one of these books in this series really makes you feel like you are a part of the Black family.  It is truly great to see how each couple have grown over the years and how much each of their lives are intertwined with each other.

This book takes place 3 years after the end of Down and Derby,  where you are left to wonder how Nixon would cope with everything that happened to him.  I was glad to see that after a brief detour down the wrong road, Nixon came out of it a better person.  This was all in thanks to a special 3 year old girl named Scout.  Nixon was AMAZING with his daughter.  You could really tell that Scout was his whole life….at least until Journey came back into the picture.  Nixon and Journey’ s story is that of a second chance love story.  Their history goes back to their high school days.  They have a lot of issues to overcome in this book.  I was glad that they decided as a couple to take things slow this time around.  I also appreciated the fact that they waited to tell Scout until things were more permanent and serious.  Journey really had to prove herself to Nixon…because of things she did in her past.  I will say I LOVED watching both Nixon and Journey grow into better and stronger people throughout this story.  Like I said…I truly felt connected to them.  Scout was such an adorable character….I loved her to pieces.  She made me laugh at so many spots in this book…I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

This book was filled with such an array if emotions….I laughed, cried, swooned, felt fear, and even yelled a little (at certain characters….you’ll know who I’m talking about once you read the book).  I will say it again…I LOVE when a book can evoke many emotions from me while I’m reading it.  To me that’s the sign of a great author.
I would definitively recommend this book/series to anyone looking for a wonderful love story without a lot of outside drama.  Even though this one did have a little bit of drama from outside characters…but it was short lived.  This was definitely a great addition to this already wonderful series.  One last thing that I love about this series is that these books read like a continuation of each other….they just blend really well together.

Buy it and the rest of the series here!!!

Love and Skate

How It Rolls (Love And Skate #2)

Down ‘N’ Derby (Love and Skate #3)

Caught in a Jam


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