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I’d shared everything with Ivy since we were born. She was my exact double. We were only two minutes apart. I never thought that my own twin sister would steal away my one chance at happiness, twin2but that is exactly what she’d done. She didn’t even know that I was in love with him. How could she? Ivy was too busy being Miss Popular to notice what I wanted.

After having my heart broken, I’d decided to leave my town, and my sister, to go to college out of state. For the past four years, I’d done nothing but work to make a life for myself. We were still the best of friends, but going home was too hard for me to face and I hadn’t been back since they’d gotten married.

I wanted my sister to be happy, even if it meant I never would be. She didn’t have the brains, or the successful future that I knew was coming to me.
But, she’d always have the one thing I wanted.
The one thing, I could never have.
Stoshua Wheeler.

A late night phone call brought me back to town. I should have never considered her request. It wasn’t right to pretend to be her, but she said she was in trouble. I had to help her.

I’d dreamed of being her for five years. I envied their relationship. I wanted her life.

What was I willing to risk to take it for myself?

I’m Willow Green and this is my story…



It was awesome seeing her tied to the bed and struggling to get free. She knew I wasn’t screwing around anymore. I walked over and ran my hands up Stosh’s chest, making sure she was watching. I grabbed the collar to his shirt and pulled him down to meet my lips.

I liked that our plan was working.

“You like watching his lips on me? Just wait until later. You’re going to get the show of your life!” I took Stosh by the hand and we walked out into the living room. I knew she’d be in there, trapped and sobbing.

After I showered and got myself comfortable, we made sure the house was locked up and went out for a movie. It was important for people to see us getting around together, like nothing had ever happened. We didn’t have to pretend to be in love, I don’t know which one of us was showing it more. Stosh couldn’t keep his hands off of me. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

It all still felt like a dream. I guess when you fantasize about something for as long as I did, it makes the reality of it hard to believe.

After the movie, we headed out to a coffee shop and talked about our future.

Did I feel wicked?

Maybe a little.


My Review

4 twisted stars!!!

Twinsequences was not what I was expecting. Everyone told me it was different and it definitely was!! People…you should have prepared me. I am not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what I read. This was nothing like my usual reads. I am a huge Jenn Foor and Mitchell Family series fan, but this is NOTHING like the Mitchells. Hot guy, yes…warm and fuzzy family, no!! But, I am not saying all this in a bad way either,  because this story had me hooked…like couldn’t stop because I needed to know what the next twist was going to be. Things were changing so quickly that I needed to know where it was going next. This story does not give you time to breathe…you are thrown from one emotion to the next without a break in between. I am not kidding or being overly dramatic when I say, it is action packed from the start to the very end. There is never a dull moment.

Willow and Ivy are identical twins, the good and evil twin combo. Ivy is the evil one and Willow the good one.  And not only does Ivy take away Willow’s one true love but she also is determined to ruin Willow for forever. What is up with that?!? This girl is seriously whacko!!  How could she do that to her other half?!? Stoshua is that one true love of Willow’s and I was all over the place with my feelings for him. The MANY twists of this story made me question him so many times. But in actuality, he was just another victim in Ivy’s sick plot to ruin everyone’s lives. The story starts when they are all in high school but the main part is set 4 years later.

So, I have read other reviews(after reading the book, of coarse, because I don’t read reviews before) and I see that people don’t like the “unrealistic” parts of this story. Well, yeah, some parts aren’t realistic but we as readers read paranormal, right? Or at least some of us do….and unrealistic is not always a bad thing. Variety is good and I happen to enjoy variety in my books as well. Just because I couldn’t relate to every emotion and situation in this story doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. About the last 25-30% of the story really got to me. I was sad 😦 and then happy and then sad…omg, it was crazy!! There were so many struggles in this story but not all of them touched me like others did. UGH…I know this doesn’t make sense and some of it is so hard to explain without ruining it all for you.  But do know that I still got my HEA!!! 🙂  And that makes this reader and blogger, a happy girl!!!

If you are looking for angst, romance, betrayal, and non-stop twists, this is the story for you.  Happy Reading!!!

Jennifer Harried’s review

5 stars!!

Ok so I have to say that Jenn Foor truly outdid herself with this book.  I am a HUGE fan of Jenn’s books and I have to say this one was so different from anything she has written before.  If you are looking for this book to be like her Mitchell Series or her Bank Shot Series, then I am here to tell you it is NOTHING like those books.  She had  me on pins and needles throughout the whole book.  I really can’t say much about this book because it would give way to much away and I don’t want to spoil this book for anyone.  I will say that this story was very interesting and something totally different from anything else I have read.

This book revolves around 3 main characters…. Willow (the good twin), Ivy (the bad twin), and Stoshua (The hunky Hero).  The premise of the book is that Willow loves her sister Ivy very much and is willing to do anything to help her out.  What we find out throughout the story is that Ivy doesn’t feel the same way towards Willow.  Which in turn starts the story we have here of betrayal, back stabbing and hurtful lies.  Like I said before this book will having you sitting on the edge of your seat without the chance to catch your breath.  Just when you think things are going to turn around or you have things figured out, Jenn throws a whole new twist to the story.  She keeps that up throughout the whole book.

I will say that I felt bad for Willow in a lot of this book….the horrible things her sister does to her, to me is unforgivable.  I truly felt Willow’s pain in this book.  Ivy on the other hand I wanted to b*tch slap multiple times.  I couldn’t believe she would stoop as low as she did just to hurt her sister.  Stoshua….I was all over the map with him.  There were times that I wanted to throttle him and then there were times that he totally won over my heart.  But having these mixed feelings toward Stosh made it really hard to trust him throughout this book.  As I was reading it I kept thinking, is he being honest with Willow and I was always holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to fall.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for an interesting love story with a lot of twists and turns.  It will for sure having you sitting on the edge of your seat and turning the pages to find out what happens.

Buy it here!!!

Twinsequences (A Twisted Twin Series)

About the Author

jennifer foor bio

Jennifer Foor is a YA and Contemporary Romance Author. She is married with two children and spends most days running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She enjoys reading (especially Indie Authors) watching shows from her DVR, and writing.

Jennifer Foor is the Author of the Mitchell Family Series, The Bank Shot Series, The Somonian Series and several stand alone books.

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