♥◊Cover Reveal◊♥ Seeds of Hate-by Melissa Perea

**I get VERY excited about doing cover reveals! Especially for books that we will later be participating in the blog tour. So don’t forget to come back on July 19th for the tour! With that said, here you have it, the cover for Seeds of Hate by Melissa Perea.**

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00035]

Release Date: July 15



They said high school would be fun.
They said we would make forever friends.
They said we would have the time of our lives.

They lied.

**Excerpt from the Author**

“He punished me daily Selah. Daily! He wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept making me pay. He wouldn’t stop. He wouldn’t stop!” I yelled, hot spit flying out of my mouth into the cold.

“Javi, I can’t hold on. Please stop! Make it stop!” She cried.

“I couldn’t make it stop Selah. I tried ignoring him. I tried walking away. I tried everything!” My voice cut the air and if the sky could cry from pain it did.

“Stop it, Javi! Stop it!” She yelled once more.

I grabbed one bar with both hands and halted the merry-go-round. Selah’s body had moved to the outer edge from the force of the spin, her hands were bright red and slipped from the bars as she hung over the side. Her chest moved up and down rapidly and her hair ran wild around her eyes.

We both held still.

The park now abandoned in the setting sun was quiet except for the crows on the telephone wire. Their silhouette the only movement against the moon except for the silent breeze rustling the trees.

She sat up and held her head in her hands, “What did you do Javi?” She questioned me without wanting to know the answer. Looking up she caught my eye, “What did you do?”

I walked up to her, knelt in the sand at her knees and grabbed her hand. Raising it up in the air I dropped it back down. And then my head followed into her lap and my shoulders fell forward wrapping my arms around her warmth.

“I let go.” I said. And as I held her, I let it all go again. Except this time, it was better.

about the author375575_569600726424277_1226903486_n



I like to eat, sleep & write. Sometimes I do all three simultaneously.  I’m a wife, mother, daughter and sister. Friend to many, foe to none.  I write because I want so share my heart with you and make you think more about the world around you.

    **Connect with Melissa**







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