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His heart is tied to his past…

When Sole Regret’s rhythm tiemeguitarist, Kellen Jamison, vowed to be faithful to his fiancée and love her forever, he meant it. He never expected to lose her to cancer so early in life. He’s certain he’ll never love again, but destiny has another plan for him.

Her heart is tied to her work…

Grammy-winning classical composer and piano virtuoso, Dawn O’Reilly, is overwhelmed with music-writing deadlines, a fickle muse, and high-expectations. She doesn’t have time to find love, but chance seeks to interfere with her carefully devised plans.

They’re bound to become entangled…

From the instant Kellen hears Dawn’s latest musical composition, his spirits rise. The stirring melody and the remarkable woman responsible for its creation are impossible to resist. His attraction is undeniable; her passion unquenchable. Kellen teaches Dawn there’s freedom in bondage, while her sensuality drives him to unleash his tightly controlled self-restraint. Will the ropes Kellen uses to secure Dawn’s body be the force that binds them together or ultimately sever all ties between them?


Tie Me Wax Trails


Tie Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #5)Tie Me by Olivia Cunning

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

How would one go about writing a book that has the perfect amount of sexy rockstar bad boy, mixed with just the right amount of angst, sprinkled with some gut wrenching emotion, with a more than generous quantity of melt your panties, hot and steamy sex? Well let me tell you…upon exiting the birth canal, look at your mother and demand she name you Olivia Cunning.

I have fallen…face first (with my ass in the air, of course because what Sole Regret groupie doesn’t love that ;)) so fucking hard for Olivia Cunning’s books. Yes- ALL of them. I started reading her One Night With Sole Regret series back when the first one, Try Me, came out and holy mother of the drummer GODS, Gabe Banner grabbed me by the…ummmmm well you get the picture, and I was hooked from that point. And oh my Jesus Lord, don’t even get me started on The Sinners! Give me ANY of these sexy as sin rockers and you won’t find me complaining. Not one bit. But I can guarantee you this, one night just wouldn’t be enough.

Tie Me, is book 5 in the One Night With Sole Regret Series and if you haven’t been craving Kellen’s book this far into the series, then you need to go the doctor and possibly have your girly parts checked.

Kellen “Cuff” Jamison is one of those guys that you can’t help but lust after. He’s in a band (a metal one at that), he’s TALL, he has tattoos, can make you drool with that simple little grin, is kind and caring, he is ‘gifted’ in more ways than one, and he can tie you up and make you forget what planet you are on because you are soaring so damn high in release, the stars are within reach. And yes, I just channeled my inner Kellen for that one! Ha!

“What do you believe in, Kellen?”

His dark brown gaze held hers got several poignant seconds.

Kellen is emotionally destroyed. He has had to experience death in a way that most people cannot understand. Losing someone you love…THE one you love, can shatter you beyond repair. And trust me, there were plenty of times while reading Tie Me, that I wasn’t sure if Kellen could be repaired. Not even by the beautiful, sexy, smart, talented, red haired musician that is renting the neighboring beach house.

Dawn-did I love her? At times. Did I get annoyed with her? At times. Did I think she was an ice queen? At times. Did I feel emotion because of her? You bet.

Even though Kellen is very open and honest with Dawn about his past and about Sara, Dawn can see it and she can feel it even more. Dawn hurt for him, she cried for him and all she wanted was for him to be able to let go. But it was obviously going to be a challenge that he wasn’t going to make easy for her. Not that he didn’t want to, he literally just couldn’t.

After one night with the amazing Kellen Jamison, Dawn O’Reilly can’t help but want more. And not just more of the passion these two shared, but more of the man himself. Kellen has struck an emotion deep inside of Dawn and she just isn’t willing to let him walk out of her life like he thinks he is going to. Not that it’s what he wants to do, Kellen just feels like he has no other choice. Why try and give your heart to someone when it is buried with its’ keeper six feet under somewhere.

Gah! My heart. The angst. As much as I would love some rolling around in the sheets (or any surface for that matter) with Kellen Jamison, I really just wanted to
him. To heal his hurt so that he can once and for all, realize that his life didn’t end when Sara’s did. It’s almost like that when her heart stopped beating, his put up an impenetrable barrier. My poor, poor Kellen.

I felt a million different feelings while reading Tie Me. Mostly, I was just turned on. But hey, that’s just Olivia Cunning for you. She deserves the award for “Most Amazing Sex Scene Writer” because holy hell, the woman can write some HOT sex.

“You might as well stop fighting it then, because I’m not going to stop until you come.”

“I can’t,” she cried.

“You will.”

But more than the sex, the emotion in Tie Me is unlike anything Olivia has written before-at least in my opinion. I felt like there was more angst in this novella than with any of her others. My heart literally hurt while reading. I hurt for Kellen and Dawn. While my pain for Kellen was because I wanted him to be able to let go and move on, I hurt for Dawn because she wanted that for him too and was unsure on how to get him there.

“I wish your heart was free, Kellen. I wish that for me, but I wish it for you even more.” ~Dawn

And don’t worry, I ended this book with a smile on my face. Just like all Olivia’s other books. She might break you down on the road to that last page, but she will always mend it once you have reached your destination. I LOVE HER!

All in all, probably the best written book in the Sole Regret series, in my opinion. While Gabe might be my favorite, Kellen’s book was my favorite to read. But be still my beating heart and please calm down you damn IVC’s(if you would like to know what an IVC is, don’t hesitate to pm me ;)), because wait….oh wait….MORE GABE IS COMING!! Book SIX in the One Night With Sole Regret series,Tell Me , is coming sooooooooon! I can’t fucking wait!


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Tie Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #5)Tie Me by Olivia Cunning

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 “Cuff” “her light would chase away his darkness” “Destiny” Kisses

How do I put into words my thoughts, feelings and emotions about one of my favorite authors of all time? I can’t…I can try…and hopefully there is a way to cut out my heart and funnel my soul into words that can even come close to touching how majestically Olivia Cunnings writing is to me…

Tie Me is the fifth book in the One Night with Sole Regret series. Sole Regret…as if I didn’t love the Sinners enough, Olivia had to go and bless my life with five more amazing, bad ass, loveable and hot as fuck rockers that just blow my freaking mind to pieces. So let’s start off with a role call –

Try Me Book #1 – Gabriel “Force” Banner – drums
Tempt Me Book #2 – Adam Taylor – lead guitar
Take Me Book #3 – Jacob “Shade” Silverton – vocals
Touch Me Book #4 – Owen “Tags” Mitchell, bass
Tie Me Book #5 – Kellen “Cuff” Jamison (Kelly) – rhythm guitar

The first four books (Share Me, Try Me, Tempt Me and Take Me) are all novella’s. Quick and easy, enough angst to give you a tight little pang but all the wonderful hot sex to make you forget about it. Then we get to Touch Me …bring on the angst factor and no more novella’s. So I jumped straight from Touch Me into Tie Me…and I’m so glad I did.

‘There was little a man could count on in life, but he could count on the tides. And Kellen could count on memories of Sara haunting him.’

Tie Me is Kellen “Cuff” Jamison’s story. Kelly. He’s the rhythm guitar player for Sole Regret, he’s Owen’s best friend and he’s the tragic lost soul of the group. I love my poor broken boys more than anything in the world but Kellen’s pain is so deep. I can’t tell you how many tears I shed for this man. He’s amazing but he can’t see it through all the guilt and pressure and pain he buries himself underneath. And really…all he has is the band. He’s held captive by ghosts and impossible promises of forever that keep him trapped so deep in his own thoughts…I never want to think of anyone as a lost cause, but Kelly almost had me convinced.

‘She laughed, her defenses dropping again. “Wow, small world. What a bizarre coincidence to meet like this.”
“I don’t believe in coincidences,” he said.
His intensity caused her heart to falter and butterflies to flitter through her stomach. “What do you believe in, Kellen?”
His dark brown gaze held hers for several poignant seconds. “Destiny.”’

Dawn O’Reilly…how do I describe Dawn. She’s the ray of hope to Kellen’s dismal world. And he’s the inspiration she needs. She’s an award winning composer going thru a bad case of ‘composing block’ when the solution to her problem accidental stumbles into her life. They connect over music – granted you couldn’t pick more opposite spectrum’s if you tried – but that doesn’t matter with them. He’s actually drawn to her because of her music…her piano calls to him before he even see’s her. I think that’s what I loved the most about their connection was how it developed. They bonded over the music, the notes…the piece she needed to finish to meet a deadline. ‘Their song.’ It’s beautiful and touching in a deeper way that I can put into words.

“Music is my escape,” he said. “I quickly became addicted to producing sound. It’s like a drug I can’t get enough of.” ~Kellen

I was not prepared for this level of emotional turmoil. I’m good with angst, I love it, but Olivia usually balances the angst very nicely with those super hot sex scenes so my little brain can cope. Well HA! Not this time folks. Don’t get me wrong, there are still super hot sex scenes…but wow…did she bump up the angst about a million percent. I didn’t know how to handle it – this book broke the mold for me for O.C. book’s…in a good way, a GREAT way, a freaking fantastic way…but still, be prepared. You will feel every ounce of his pain, his torment, his anguish – I don’t know how she did it but if I could have reached into my kindle and taken all Kelly’s pain away, I WOULD HAVE! But…it was the best pain, torment and anguish ever.

‘She didn’t want to hurt him. She wanted to get lost in him. She wanted him to show her his rope-tying art and how letting go of her control to him could be freeing. She wanted to know all of him – good and bad, spiritual and physical. She wanted him.’

Oh my…so…if Miss. Cunning turned up the angst, she by far turned up the hot-and-steamy factor too. For every squeeze of the heart she gave me with all the anguish, she gave me an equally strong pull towards the connection Dawn and Kelly have with each other. Physically, emotionally…they just connected on all levels and seeing them connect sexually… Hallelujah! Kelly is very sensual and he pulls out such longing and desire and as much of a control freak as Dawn is, she hands it over. She trust’s him implicitly and I loved every minute of them together.

“It’s not fair to you. I can’t expect you to abide my weird little rules.”
“Maybe you should tell me what those rules are, so I’m less likely to break them. I’m trying to understand you, Kellen.”
“Because I like you.”
She stiffened, and her temper flared to life. “Sorry you find my affection so revolting.”
“I don’t. I find it wonderful. And tempting. And scary as hell. I like you too. More than anyone before Sara,” he said. “Or since.”

Of course I loved Kelly with Dawn (duh!)…but in all honesty, Kelly with Owen. AAAAAMAZING. I love bro-mance’s. Seriously? It’s the cutest fucking shit ever…two guys who have been friends since middle school, share so much history together, know each other inside and out – how can you not love that? You can’t. I was still on my ‘Owen high’ from Touch Me and Kellen does play a pretty big part in Owen’s book. A lot more than you would think. Like I said, they have history, they’ve shared some stuff and it comes up in Tie Me . I loved seeing them resolve some of the issues at the end of the book, not that I was worried about their relationship or anything, but it’s always nice to know everything is good-to-go.

‘He knew her light would chase away his darkness – maybe only for a single night, but he’d worry about that later.’

So the shit hit the fan in Touch Me and by the end of Tie Me …it hasn’t really gotten any better. There is a plan…kind of. But this band of five ‘rough and tough’ metal dude’s is turning into something so much more. They’ve got more now…each of them has someone in their lives that means something…Gabe and Melanie, Adam and Melinda, Jacob and Amanda, Owen and Caitlyn and now Kellen and Dawn. Nothing is perfect…far from it, but a part of me is okay with that. Does that make me weird? Possibly…but look at it this way. The situation is what it is…would you rather deal with it with someone you care for by your side, or suffer alone. Granted, of course they have each other, but there is a big difference between a friend/band member and someone you’re in a relationship with. Ehh…I guess I’m weird…oh well.

‘Would Dawn have to spend every moment with him watching what she said so she didn’t set off Sara triggers? Was he even worth that much effort?
Hell yeah, he was.’

The whole concept of One Night with Sole Regret is honestly brilliant. One night where two people who wouldn’t/shouldn’t/couldn’t come together and heal each other in ways they didn’t think were possible. Create connections that never would have existed if they didn’t give in. I’m sure I say this about every series book after I finish the last one released, but I. Cannot. Wait. For. Tell Me. Gabe and Melanie are back…

5 lips

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about the author

olivia-cunning-photoCombining her love for romantic fiction and rock ‘n roll, USA Today Best-Selling Author Olivia Cunning writes erotic romance centered around rock musicians.

Raised on hard rock music from the cradle, she attended her first Styx concert at age six and fell instantly in love with live music. She’s been known to travel over a thousand miles just to see a favorite band in concert. As a teen, she discovered her second love, romantic fiction — first, voraciously reading steamy romance novels and then penning her own.

Olivia’s first book in her Sinner’s Tour Series, Backstage Pass, was published in 2010 by Sourcebooks. Book two in the series, Rock Hard, was published in 2011 and the third book, Double Time just released November 2012. The last two books in the series are expected to be out in 2013. Aside from the Sinners Tour that launched her career, Olivia has been hard at work on a few other series and stand alones . . . of course with the music turned up.

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