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THIS IS THE SEQUEL to ‘Disastrous’.

CautiousMarcus and Mia share a LOVE stronger than others, but their relationship was built on LIES and deceit.

Cautiously, they continue to struggle for what they desire more than anything, each other.

Though, that comes with a price …one that involves more HEARTBREAK and deception.

Can they survive another disastrous path?

Is their love strong enough to defeat all the obstacles, all of the BETRAYAL?

Not all broken relationships are repairable, but Marcus and Mia try their hardest to fight for themselves and for each other.






Copyright 2013 @E.L. MONTES



I couldn’t help but smile as she giggled beneath me. “Marcus, what are you doing?” Mia’s eyelids flashed opened. I playfully flexed my hips into hers, and she let out another soft laugh. As she lay beneath me unclothed, with the warmth of her skin pressed against mine and the way her hair was tangled and tossed along the pillow, she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Even first thing in the morning.

Mia reached up and ran her fingers through my hair, as she placed her other hand on the side of my face. I brought her hand toward my lips, trailing soft kisses on her palm and down to her inner wrist. Mia’s lips curled into a huge grin. Smiling along with her, I continued to stare into her eyes. I was intoxicated by her beauty, her scent, and most of all the love in those eyes for me. Right there was where I wanted to be always. I’d never felt so much peace in my life than when I was with her.

Turning us over, she landed on top of my chest and leaned down pressing her lips along my neck. “Are you excited to be turning thirty soon?” She reminded me.

“Have you ever met anyone that was excited to be another year older?”

“Smartass.” She nudged at my shoulder. “Well at least you’ll have some quality time with Jimmie.”

Jimmie said he had something plan for me and wanted to have a brotherly bonding day. Which I knew was bullshit. I was sure Mia put him up to it. “Yeah, I guess.”

Mia brought her hand up and danced her fingers along my chest. Her stare fell from my eyes as she focused on her nail tracing along my skin. “You should always treasure those moments with your brother, Marcus. You never know when it’ll be too late and you’ll never have the opportunity again.” I knew her thoughts were of her brother, Michael. I tugged a piece of her hair behind her ear and then pulled her head against my chest.

After a few minutes of silence, Mia finally spoke again in a soft tone, “Marcus?”

“Yeah?” I continued to stroke my fingers through her hair.

“How was he?”

Confused I stopped midway through a strand of hair, “How was who?”

“Michael. When you knew him – what did you think of him?”

It was only a matter of time when Mia would ask me about her brother. I was prepared for it. It came as a surprise that it took her this long. Though, I knew it was because the topic was too sensitive for her and it would’ve just sparked up any heart aching memories. Mia brought her head up and stared at me as she waited patiently.

“Well, for starters, he was a wiseass.”

Her lips curled into a large grin, as her eyes glistened with unshed tears. “He was, wasn’t he?” Her voice broke.

Gently smiling I framed my hand along her face, “Yeah, he always had a smart remark, but he was good guy, Mia.”

“Yeah, he was…” Her lips trembled as she tried to hold back from crying. After she controlled herself she continued, “The night he was killed, I was supposed to meet up with him for dinner. I had canceled on him the night before. I was complaining of a headache, but I really was just tired and wanted to go to bed early. He didn’t complain as he never did, and he agreed that the next day was fine.” Pushing away she lay on her back and stared into the ceiling. I shifted on my side and watched as her tears ran down her temple. “God, I was so selfish.”

“You couldn’t have known, Mia. It’s not your fault.”

“I know, Marcus, but if I could’ve taken back one day, and not lie about a stupid headache I would’ve saw him the day before. And even though it wouldn’t change anything, at least it would’ve given me one more day with him.” She tilted her head aside to look at me, “Can I ask you another question about him?”


“When the two officers knocked on my door to deliver the news, I was told that he was killed on duty, during a raid. Was it a raid or was he set up?”

“Mia I-

“I can handle it, Marcus. I really need to know … was he set up. He didn’t have a chance to defend himself, did he?”

Mia pleaded with her eyes for me to give her something, and after a sigh, I told her the truth. “There wasn’t a raid, Mia. Lou told him about a deal at a warehouse, but there wasn’t a deal. It was a set up.”

“Okay.” She nodded and then wrapped her arms around me. Mia buried her face into my chest as her nails dug into my shoulders, “Okay.” She repeated several more times until she broke out into soft sobs.

“Mia, I know it’s hard-”

“No.” She shook her head, “I’m fine. I can handle it. Thank you, Marcus, for telling me the truth.”



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  1. Love this book and Marcus, thanks for the deleted scene. So happy to know Jimmie will have a book too! Yahoo…

  2. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book. Thanks so much for the chance to win it & for the deleted scene! 🙂

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