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Sugar Baby – A young man or woman who receives financial compensation and/or gifts in exchange for companionship, often including favors of the sexual nature.

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy – A wealthy, often older man or women, who provides financial compensation and/or gifts to a Sugar Baby in exchange for companionship.

“Sugar Baby is told in quick, sizzling scenes that can be savored chapter by chapter or in one delightful sitting. Powell engages the reader with a bouquet of sensory inputs; Marissa with her vanilla scent that “tastes like peaches,” Brittney’s satisfied grunts and moans, and a plethora of psychedelic colors, and sensations at the hotel. Powell also creates layered characters who aren’t just there for great sex but who also have dreams of their own.”   –Clarion Review


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Sugar BabySugar Baby by Aaron B. Powell

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

WARNING! This review DOES contain SPOILERS
Okay, so where do I start with this review? Well…As some of you may know from some of my previous reviews, I love reading erotica. I mean, I am a 24 year old woman…that’s normal, right? I get highly intrigued when I find out that a man wrote an erotica book and this was no exception. I think there is something very enticing about getting a man’s perspective on sex in general and when you get a chance to read about sex from a man’s point of view, you hop on it. At least I do. There is the whole aspect of getting to see inside of their brain, if you will, and what sex is like for them. And then you learn that said erotica book could possibly be based on a true story. Well consider me SOLD!

While I found the sex scenes in Sugar Baby to be very erotic and hot, there was just something lacking with the rest of the book. I found the writing to be almost robotic…clinical in a way. There was a lot of “I did this” and “she did that” and I found myself getting very frustrated. I wanted more emotion, more depth, more substance…just more and it was just lacking to me. Which is why I only gave Sugar Baby 2 kisses.

The story is being told in first person through Kyle’s POV. Kyle, who is also an author, is married happily to Brittney and these two are a very sexual couple. From what I understood, both are in their early forties. They decide to hire a ‘sugar baby’ to spice up their sex lives a little. Now, while I am not familiar with this lifestyle, I wasn’t “turned off” from reading about it. Sex is sex is sex is sex. The outcome is always the same, right?

Well, after meeting their ‘sugar baby’ things start to get hot. And when I say hot..I mean scorching. Again, I really did like the sex scenes. That’s not where the problem was for me. I just found certain aspects of the book to be a little..off? Strange? Maybe I am in the minority here but when I read that Kyle found himself wanting to tell the ‘sugar baby’ he loved her upon ‘finishing’ while his wife is sound asleep next to him, some alarms started going off in this confused brain of mine. Then there was the whole club/bathroom/ecstasy/hotel scene. Yeah, if I was confused before consider me a lost cause at this point.

Okay, so take the ending…ummmm
what was that?
I am trying really hard here not to write spoilers in this review but damn…I don’t think it is possible and I NEVER EVER EVER write reviews that contain spoilers. But hey, there’s a first time for everything so here it goes.

All of a sudden Kyle loves Marissa (the sugar baby) and Marissa loves Kyle and Brittney (the wife) loves Marissa and on and on and on and on…and at this point I am feeling like “what the fuck is going on?” And to top it all off, suddenly Brittney, who used to be a little hindered in the bedroom, has become all dominatrix and is ordering Marissa and Kyle around likes slaves and demanding to be called Mistress…..but wait…oh wait…in walks…THEIR 17 YEAR OLD SON AND HIS GIRLFRIEND. Can you say awkward? And that is where it ends…

So, while I didn’t HATE this book, I didn’t particularly like it. Suffice it to say that the sex scenes saved this book for me. Otherwise, I might have rated it one kiss. Keep in mind this IS an erotica book. Erotica books are meant to turn you on…and yes, this author can do that with the sex scenes. I feel like he could have removed everything else, take out the awkward at times plot, compile JUST the sex scenes and SCORE!…you have yourself one hell of a compilation of erotica short stories! Please remember that I don’t intend to be rude or hateful. I don’t consider this review to be “author bashing”…I am simply explaining why I did not like this book, the things that I DID like, and why I rated it only two kisses!

While this book might not have been for me, YOU, however, may LOVE it! So read away my little Book Bitches. And as always, happy reading!

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She sits back on the bed and I unbutton her shirt and clumsily pull it off of her. She has an iPod in her hand, and the headphones become tangled in her sleeve. “Hold on,” she giggles. I’m already tugging at her shorts to get them off of her, but they cling to her thick thighs. I have to tell myself to relax. I finally get them past her soft legs and drop them on the floor. She’s wearing a dark thong which I really take my time pulling off of her, as she removes her undershirt and bra.

Marissa and I back away from each other, startled. Brittney is wearing a leather getup and high heels. She’s holding a small riding crop that I recognize from when I rode horses when I was younger. In her other hand, she has some type of faux leather whip. She has her hair up in a high ponytail, and she’s wearing dark red makeup around her eyes that accentuates her dominating presence.

I’m feeling much better now, and I brush my teeth before quietly slipping out of the bathroom. I leave the bathroom door slightly ajar so I can see where I’m going. Marissa has moved in the bed. Her back and right leg are exposed, and I move to touch her. I slide my hand up her exquisite calf, enjoying the feel of the thick muscle that’s concealed by her silky-smooth skin. Marissa stirs, rolling over on her back and mumbling something. I’m feeling aroused, and I drop my towel to the floor and climb into bed by her feet. I crawl under the blanket and follow her legs to her pussy for a morning snack. She’s slightly moist, and I bask in her peachy honey as she slowly comes to life. I hear her moaning and she brings her hands to my face, massaging my head between her legs. Who knows when I’ll get another opportunity to enjoy Marissa by myself.

*So, like I said in my review…even though this book wasn’t a 5 Kisses book to me, doesn’t mean it won’t be for you. See for yourself-here is chapter one to entice you a little and see if you are interested in reading the whole thing.*

Chapter One:


“What kind of girl should we get?”

My wife blushes and answers sheepishly. “I don’t know.”

“How about a big girl?”

“Eww, no way!”

“Oh, come on, babe!” I say. “She’s not a lady if she’s not two-eighty.”

“You’re disgusting,” my wife giggles, and I actually hear her snort.

“Well, I just want to make sure you’re into this. I think you should pick the girl.”

My wife and I have been thinking about hiring a Sugar Baby, a girl to hang out with and help us explore our sexual fantasies.

The whole idea started with an article in Playboy. There was a story about a couple who used a website called Seeking Arrangement to meet young women who are interested in providing various services for people for a price. I brought it up as a joke, but since then we have gradually come to the decision to make contact with a Sugar Baby via the website.

We’re lying in bed, and I examine my wife’s freckled face as she continues to scan the listing of sugar babies on our laptop.

“That’s her, she’s the one!”

My wife is kneeling on the bed, and she has begun to bounce up and down excitedly. I hungrily study the contours of her tanned legs as they flex with her movement.

“Okay,” I say. “Let me see!”

“This one,” she says. “Marissa.”

I sit up next to my wife on the bed. “Wow, she’s really pretty. Twenty-one. She’s five feet seven inches tall. College Sugar Baby…she’s in Austin. I bet she goes to UT.”

I study the picture of the young woman on the screen. She has dark hair and big brown eyes, which contrasts sharply with my wife’s dirty blonde hair and baby-blue eyes.

My wife clicks on her profile.

“It says ‘open—amount negotiable,’” my wife says. “At least she doesn’t want ten grand a month or something ridiculous.”

“Yeah,” I agree. “Says she has an athletic body. Cool. I think she’s hot, Britt.”

“Me, too. So what do we do now?”

“I don’t know,” I respond. The truth is, I have been looking into this more than my wife has. “Click on ‘e-mail me,’ and send her a message.”

Brittney blushes as she clicks the e-mail icon on the computer screen. “Okay, what should we write? Horny couple, seeking sex puppet?”

We laugh together and I tickle her as I fall back on the bed. I stretch, pretending to be less interested than I really am.

“Dear Marissa, my wife and I would love to meet you.”

“Yeah, but meet her where? I don’t want to bring her to our house, Kyle. What if she’s some sleazy little hooker or something?”

I consider this for a moment. “Let’s meet her for dinner. How about Z’Teja’s, downtown?”

“Oh, good thinking.” My wife begins to type as I gently run my fingers up her back, tracing the outline of her spine until I reach her bra. “Dear Marissa, my husband and I would love to take you out to dinner. We could meet at Z’Teja’s on Sixth Street and introduce ourselves—our treat.” I carefully slide my finger behind her bra clasp while manipulating the nearside with my thumb and quickly move my fingers in a snapping motion. The clasp obediently pops open, exposing more of her soft skin. Brittney pretends not to notice. “At least she’s old enough for cocktails.”

“Umm-hmm,” I mumble. My cock has begun to stir in my pants. The fantasy of sharing a young woman with my wife is enough to get me going. The possibilities would be endless.

“Okay,” she says. “Should I click send? I’m too nervous, what do I do?”

“I think it will be fun, Britt. Besides, if we actually go and meet her and she’s a crack head or something, we’ll just be polite and leave after an appetizer.”

I’ve leaned over on my side so I can run my other hand over Brittney’s leg. I slowly move up her hip and push my hand over her stomach and hesitate before sliding my fingertips inside the rim of her silky white panties.

There’s an audible click.

“It’s done, message sent!”

I’ve begun to move my fingers over the opening of her vagina. She’s so hot and wet, and the realization that she’s really excited about all of this causes my cock to pulsate as it fills with blood.

I gently circle my finger over Brittney’s clitoris, causing her to shudder as she closes her eyes and bites at her bottom lip. I rotate my hand, moving my thumb over her clit as I begin to press my middle finger inside of her moist vagina. Brittney moans and spreads her legs, welcoming me farther inside of her.

I bring my legs underneath me so I can rise up on my knees as I work my finger deeper inside of her. Brittney’s wearing her hair up, and I kiss her exposed neck and whisper in her ear. “She’s so pretty, babe. Just imagine how nice it’ll be to make love to her together.” I continue kissing her neck as I increase the rhythm of my hand. “Imagine her mouth on your pussy as I slowly move in and out of you.”

Brittney leans back, her legs still under her. “Oh, harder, babe. Faster!”

She’s arched backward, supporting herself with her hands as I finger her faster and harder. Britt’s bra loosely hangs from her shoulders, exposing her full, engorged breasts. I bend down over her and take a nipple in my mouth. My hand is constricted by her panties, causing me to struggle to maintain my tempo. Two fingers now, and I feel her insides as they sporadically contract around me.

“That’s it, baby. Make me fucking come!”

I reach under Britt’s back with my free hand, allowing her to rest her weight freely and surrender herself to me. I love the way my wife grips me with her vagina when I make her come.


Despite the deadness I’m feeling in my arm, I continue finger-fucking Britt until she’s done coming for me. I slowly pull my fingers out of her and bring them up over her clit where I circle a few times, causing her to twitch and convulse.

“Okay,” she says. “Okay, I need a minute.”

I pull my drenched hand back out of Britt’s panties and bring it to my mouth. I put my forefinger in my mouth and lick at her sweet secretions, causing my penis to ache for her even more. Then, I move my hand down to Britt’s mouth and place my middle finger on her lips.

“I want you to pretend my finger was just inside of Marissa’s pussy. Taste it…savor it,” I whisper.

Britt parts her lips, allowing me access with my sticky middle finger. She begins to moan as she hungrily laps at my finger, sucking her own fluids off of me.

“Hmm,” she utters. She sits up on the bed, looking at me with ravenous eyes. “I want your fat cock in my mouth, baby.”

Britt pushes me back onto the bed. I study her curiously as she pulls the dangling bra from her body.

“Take off your panties so I can play with you,” I tell her.

Brittney moves off of the bed and slowly drops her panties to the floor. I’m able to remove my boxers and she’s back on the bed in a flash, and I feel her tongue as it runs up the inside of my thigh. A pleasurable chill runs through my body, and I feel her mouth on my testicles.

“Oh, fuck yeah, babe!” I moan.

Britt moves her tongue up my shaft, stopping to flicker her tongue as we make eye contact, and then she takes me in her mouth. She works me slowly at first, coating me with her saliva as I close my eyes and focus on the texture of her hot tongue. I feel her hand as it grips my shaft. She begins stroking me as she continues to suck the head of my cock, and I open my eyes and see that she’s on her knees between my legs. I can see her beautiful ass past her head, and I watch the way her body moves as she consumes me.

I’m really worked up by the prospect of this young college girl joining us, and I know if Britt keeps this up I’ll come soon. I grab her by the arm and tug her toward me.

“Come up here and sit on my face. I want to taste you,” I tell her.

Britt slows her rhythm way down and when she pulls me out of her mouth, she kisses the head of my penis and begins to climb up my body. I pull my arms tight to my body so she can pass over them, and as she moves over my face, her musky scent fills my nostrils.

“Oh, fuck yeah, babe. Sit on my fucking face so I can eat your pussy.”

As Brittney carefully lowers herself over my mouth, I grab her by her ass cheeks and spread her open, revealing her glistening wet vagina and asshole. I run my tongue from the bottom of her slit, slowly up to her clitoris, enjoying her warm honey as it coats my lips and tongue.

I bury my tongue inside her, causing her to tense up and rock forward on my face. Her hot juices flow down my tongue and into my throat, causing me to swallow and breathe through my nose. But she’s pressing on me with her pubic bone, completely blocking my airway. I try to turn my head to the side, and Britt runs her fingers through my hair, gripping me tightly as she begins to fuck my face.

“Oh, fuck yeah, baby. Make me come again!”

I probe deeper with my tongue, sticking it out as far as I can as Britt humps me, nearly crushing my nose. She’s clenching me between her thighs, and as she begins to come in my mouth, I run my hands up the front of her body, clutching her lovely breasts in my hands.

Brittney slowly climbs back down my body. When her face nears mine, I can hear her panting and some of her hair has come down and it tickles my face.

“Oh, babe. I love you,” she whispers.

“I love you too, babe.”

She takes my rock-hard shaft in her hand and gently guides me to her slick opening, teasingly tracing the outline of her vagina before finally easing it inside of her. The sensation is wonderful, and I know that I’ll be there soon.

Brittney places her hands on my chest and starts grinding against me. I run my hands over her legs and let them come to rest on her ankles, and I grip them, careful not to constrict her movement as she fucks me faster and faster. I can feel the tip of my penis rubbing inside of her and she bucks wildly, “Are you almost there, baby?”

“Oh, yeah,” I answer.

“I want you to come inside of me,” she groans.

I move my hands back up her thighs and up to her breasts, firmly squeezing them and playfully tweaking her nipples between my fingertips.

I’m beginning to climax. “Oh, I’m gonna come, babe. Fuck me harder!”

Brittney leans back slightly, squeezing me with her pussy on the upstroke. The pressure has been building in the tip of my penis, culminating, and finally, I erupt inside of her.

“Oh, God, you are so fucking beautiful, babe!”

Britt takes my fingers in her mouth and sucks and nibbles at them, slowing her rhythm as the last of my seed coats her insides. She lets go of my hands and I let them drop to the bed. Britt falls on top of me and we kiss passionately. I can still feel her contracting around me as I begin to soften.

“Hmm, I love you.” She’s out of breath, and I embrace her, pushing my hips into her one last time.

“I love you too, Brittney.”

We cuddle like this for a while, and slowly drift off to sleep in each other’s arms.

about the author

photoAaron Powell served as a marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2003 with a bachelor of arts in criminal justice and a psychology minor. He also completed a second bachelor of arts in business administration at Ashford University, where he graduated with distinction in 2011. Aaron Powell is the author of the Doomsday Diaries series, C-Town, Benjamin, Hurry Up and Wait, Sugar Baby, and Scream, “Aye, Sir!” He enjoys reading—particularly military history and nonfiction—and writing, and is an active marksman. Aaron and his wife and sons live near Austin, Texas.

Author site: http://www.aaronbpowell.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Powell/193757694084209

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6450080.Aaron_B_Powell

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