~*~Review~*~Pieces of Truth by Angela Richardson


Pieces of Truth (Pieces of Lies, #2)

In the sequel to Pieces of Lies, we follow Norah and Clint to New York, the playground for the Lappell and Big Joe.

From the outside, everything looks great for Norah and Clint.  They have a new apartment, new jobs, a new life.  Everything looks perfect… or is it?
Leaving Morewell was a big step for the couple, but for Norah, she moved with the knowledge that there could be more secrets Clint could be keeping, more deception that could bring her whole world crashing down.  She took the step knowing the truth would be lurking in the shadows, waiting for her to find it.  Will the truth find Norah or will she find the truth?

In this story, relationships will be tested, old feelings will surface, secrets will be revealed and emotions will run high.  By the end, Norah will have chosen her love, but at what price?



WARNING!!!! ****Do not read this review if you have not read Pieces of Lies****

“Lenorah, it was always, and will always be you. I love you like nothing else I have ever known. You are the reason I believe I can be happy in this world after I lost everything. When I dream of the future, I only see you.”

Can the web of lies get any tighter?? Holy shit, I don’t know who to pick or who to believe. I thought I had made the right decision with team Josh but now I have to second guess myself. I tell you what though, Norah is having the time of her life sexually 😉 This one is titled Pieces of Truth but it is still nothing but lies after lies after lies.

Pieces of Truth picks up two months after Pieces of Lies left off. Clint and Norah should be living happily ever after but Norah still has some doubts. As you know from the ending of POL, Samuel put those doubts in her head and they have had 2 months to sit and stew. Eventually these doubts push her right back into the arms of her supposed best friend, Josh. But the feelings that come with being near Josh are far from friendly. Now here she is back in another love triangle. No wait, not a love triangle remember, Samuel, the ex-fiance, is still out there somewhere waiting for her too.

In a way I feel bad for Norah but then a part of me thinks she needs to figure all this shit out and quit jumping into bed with them all. I mean, come on, sex is not going to help you decide even if it is fun entertainment.

There are some new characters introduced in this book and a lot of new information. I did get a little confused at times because there is SO much going on. Hit man here…contracts here…parties…secret organizations….how could I keep up!! All I know is even if I did get lost in all the secret squirrel shit, I still kept up with Norah’s love life and trying to help her figure out who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. These books couldn’t have a better name because it is all about piecing together the lies and the truth to figure out who to trust.

“…in the end, he only needed a piece of the truth to win the girl of his dreams. He played, he won, and he won it all.”

I wish I could tell you who she ends up with in this installment of the series, but what would be the fun in that. I will tell you though, that all three lover boys still take a huge part in all the craziness that comes with this series and none of them are backing down. They still all want Norah, bad!! And now it is just the waiting game for me to find out how it all really ends for her in the last book of the series.

*ARC copy received from the author for an honest review*

4 Kisses

Buy it here ——-> Pieces of Truth (Pieces of Lies 2)


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