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Deena Cover copyThe horrifying shock of witnessing her husband banging his skank-whore secretary spurred this ever-wholesome and rule-following teacher to seek some new lessons of her own. A young teacher learns about sexuality, pleasure, and satisfaction from rather unlikely and forbidden teachers, her former students, now recent college graduates. Not only does she get “schooled” by the beautifully-built all-American football player who struggled to pass her class, but she also learns a few tricks from the innocent, well-read, and thoroughly sexy bookworm. Both men teach her that not all curricula worth learning comes from a book.

Go through the journey Janelle Garrity-Flowers faces after discovering her husband’s infidelity. Growing up, she followed the rules, but now, she wants to defy the norms and play by her own rules. Janelle explores her own sexuality, searching for pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. However, despite this callow teacher’s “lesson plan” of forgoing the rules and not letting emotion get involved, the teacher must decide between the athlete, the scholar, and the career she loves. But what or who does she love and want more?

Adult language
Adult content
Explicit sex scenes



“I know, but that just sucks. This has been the luckiest two weeks for you; I’m so jealous.” Char whined back. “First you get rid of that Fuck, then you have two young studs pining for you, and now New York and Jasper’s money. I wanna be you.” I loved talking to her; she always made me feel so good about myself. Leave it to her to think that the end of my marriage was one of the best things that ever happened to me, something to be jealous of. Maybe it was pretty great; things seemed pretty great. I loved Char; everyone should get to have a Char in her life. Leo wasn’t into me; Briggs, mmmm, Briggs.

Once we hung up, I looked in the mirror, pulled up my shirt, scrutinizing my stomach. Flab. Jasper was right; it was time to start working on my body. I’d started swimming when I moved in here. What? Like three times. Fine, I’d do a yoga video before bed, let it relax me, and help this jello belly at the same time. I never understood how a flat stomach could still be so flabby. Wasn’t it enough that I was eating right, somewhat right, and making sure I didn’t put on a ton of weight? I knew so many wives and mothers who let themselves go once they got married and had kids. I didn’t want to be like that. A lot of good that did me now.

About 20 minutes in to my video, I was feeling pretty good, yet extremely sore from lack of practice. I was in the infamous downward dog position when there was a knock on the window behind me. I looked through my legs, making out Briggs’ silhouette in the dark. I motioned for him to come around; the door was unlocked.

“Don’t mind me, I’m enjoying the view,” he swooned as he walked through the door. “Mm…mm…mm…, really enjoying the view.” He sat down on the couch right behind me, watching me.

“Oh, I don’t think so, get your butt down here and stretch with me.” I grunted through the rest of the held position.

“Nah thanks, I’m good.” He sat back, putting his hands behind his head, grinning from ear to ear. He looked good, too good. He had on jeans, nice-fitting jeans, not the baggy, hanging half-way down his butt kind. The jeans were perfect on him. He had on a fitted turquoise v-neck, tucked in, his sleev

es folded and pushed to his elbows. The shirt was that thin-flimsy material that only well-built, muscle-y men could pull off. And he could certainly pull it off. He had a grey t-shirt under the turquoise shirt. The blue and gray shirts brought the blue out in his eyes. He was beautiful, mesmerizing really. Yummy.

“I don’t think you understand Briggs Alexander. Get down here and stretch with me, young man.” I used my teacher look and voice. “Now.”

“Ah man, I came here to take you out, maybe get a drink, dance a little.” He was whiny and cute, as he pulled off his shirt. “I don’t wanna get all hot and sweaty.”

“Now Briggs, that disappoints me. Are you sure you’re not still planning on getting hot and sweaty with me tonight?” I got up and walked over to him, slowly. He was staring at me, wearing my sports bra and my boy-cut Victoria’s Secret tight, booty shorts.


SchooledSchooled by Deena Bright

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 “Teachable” Kisses!

So…this book….I read it for the first time back in December…I heard good things, so I was excited. I had no idea. I was not prepared. And now, I can’t stop thinking about it. So thanks for that Deena Bright….

Schooled is about Janelle Lynn Garrity-Flowers…how she was cheated on by her husband and rather than let that one action turn her into a bitter woman who hates all men, she turned it around into an opportunity to find out more about herself and her sexuality. Just so happens the sexuality part involves two former students…nothing wrong with that…at all! 😉 The fact that they were ‘former’ students in theory sounds like a big deal to some – but really, let’s just get over that real quick. These guys are 23, almost 24 year old men…she’s 29 – if you flipped it and made it a male teacher and female students, would it be a big deal? Prolly not. They’re all of consenting age, how they officially met is just a minor detail in my book. Moving on!

Briggs Alexander….holy mother. Here’s just a taste of why I loved Briggs ‘He was still as solid as a rock. He had a beautifully built body. His skin was a dark mocha color, a stunning lighter-skinned black man. His muscles rippled in his Under Armor tight-fitting shirt. His thighs were chiseled and firm. Briggs was no longer a boy; I was standing looking at a man, a gorgeous specimen of a man.’ Perfect body…check. Beautiful light skinned African American Man…check. Gorgeous BLUE eyes…check. This guy has swoon written all over him – but he does need some work. Which is where Janelle gets to have fun playing teacher…again. I’m usually not into dominant women – but the balance between Janelle and Briggs worked for me. I liked it, it was hot.

“I’m not your student anymore; I’m a man who cannot wait to get you alone again, privately, so we can finish what we started.” He grabbed my hand, kissed my fingers, and said, “I’m praying that time comes soon, because that was the best start to anything I’ve ever had.” ~Briggs

Leo Cling…oh my. Well….I gave you a taste of Briggs, I have to be fair to Leo ‘Leo blushed, looking once again like the boy I had in class. He cleared his throat and said, “I grew up.” Yes he did. Leo was probably 6 foot 1 and 195 pouds. His blond hair was much longer than it was in high school, but still short enough to look presentable. He flipped it off to the side with a flick of his head as he talked, keeping it out of his eyes….He looked great. His skin was tanned from the sun. And his body…” Once again…oh my…his body! Briggs is hot but Leo just…does it for me. A lot. But he’s a great guy all around, he’s had some crappy stuff happen with his ex gf, but he’s got his head on straight, a great future and he’s just looking for love. It’s impossible not to want to just scoop him up and hug him! (or do more than hug him 😛 )

“Yep, now I just need to find my perfect woman, someone who knows how fragile the heart is and how easily it can be broken.” ~Leo

Seriously…I have never wanted to be a character more in my life…and considering I am 29, recently married and love to live in the fantasy land of books…that’s saying a lot. I loved Janelle – honestly there weren’t any characters I didn’t love in this book, except for Marcus and the ‘ho bag’. Janelle is very relatable, down to earth and living every woman’s fantasy (if we’re all being honest….)

“We dream of the unattainable bad boy, but when we go to bed at night, we want the warm, predictable, puppy dogs, the Jacobs and the Peetas, not the hard, cold vampires and dominants.”

I’m glad that there is finally a book out there where the woman gets to embrace her sexuality and do whatever she wants. Men do it all the time, why the heck can’t we? There is nothing wrong with it as long as everyone is safe and consensual. The whole teacher/student past relationship does spark that controversy that everyone always craves – but let’s be honest, it’s ridiculous. How they met is one aspect of their relationship…a small part in the long run, but of course it’s never that easy.

Usually when it comes to love triangles, it’s relatively easy for me to pick sides….in this case, I dunno if I can. Both Briggs and Leo are pretty close to perfect….which is another reason why Janelle is living every woman’s fantasy…I know who I would pick (Team Leo!), but they both pull at my heart, I don’t envy the decision that’s going to be made at the end of this series…it’s going to be rough.

“Exploring my sexuality was definitely number one on my to do list. The first two things that I wanted to do: Briggs and Leo. Both!”

I am SO mad about the ending…that’s what I wasn’t prepared for…I don’t like it, but she did her job as an author because I am holding my breathe waiting for the next book…especially with the freakin tease at the end. ugh! Would I read this book again….in a heart beat. Am I recommending it to everyone I know….absolutely. If you like deep plots, lots of drama and angst…then this probably isn’t the book for you…not to say there isn’t some angst and conflict, but you won’t shed any tears. If you want some thing that’s going to make you laugh and turn you on – then look no further…this book will for sure put a smile on your face 🙂

*revised 5/25/2013*

45 kisses

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  1. My AP US history teacher was definitely my favorite because he made learning even the most typically dry subjects interesting.

  2. I honestly can’t remember any of my teachers specifically as being my favorite, but my son’s 3rd grade teacher was and is amazing. I’m bummed that my other two children go to a different school and won’t be in her class but we keep in touch.

  3. I can’t remember all of my teachers, but I remember just one Miss Rosa, She was my elementary teacher and she was good, loving and caring and help me so much, I just remember her…

  4. My favorite teacher was Mr. Tetlow, who taught science in elementary school. He gave me an appreciation for birds & wildlife & to this day I discover that after all these years, I still enjoy discovering new animals/birds & looking them up.

  5. Mr. Maz was the best teacher I ever had. He not only taught math, but he taught life – what respect would get you, treat everyone equally, do not be condescending, and treat others how you want to be treated.

  6. My all time fave teacher was Mrs. Allen. Kindergarten. She had the best classroom . Had section for art with easels, paint, and smocks. One area devoted to storyline complete with and huge top bunk to chill in Toys and games scattered throughout the test of the room. I wish that my kids could’ve experienced something like that. It was the best!

  7. My favorite teacher was Mrs Jane Bowes. She was a tiny little lady who packed a punch with her teaching. I had her as a Jr. and she was my homeroom teacher as a Sr. Loved her.

  8. My favorite teacher was Mrs. McClellen, my social history teacher in 11th grade. She was fun but very direct, tell-it-how-it is type.

  9. My kindergarten teacher Mrs. Wolfe. Still love that lady. Was able to assist in her class for projects during highschool years have even more respect for her.

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