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Allie Marshall, PA student, and Dr. Donovan Callahan have overcome such intense drama in their short relationship.  Dealing with thoughts of Claire, his ex who sits in jail for murdering her husband, to Allie’s secret past, has been extremely stressful.  From the day they met, it has been hot and heavy; both of them giving into their wants and needs.  The pair have thrown caution to the wind and …just went with their hearts.  All seems well, finally, and Allie is letting go of her insecurities, which could ultimately threaten to be her downfall.  That is, until someone from Donovan’s past decides to make a surprise and unwelcome appearance at a wedding the couple attends.  A shocking announcement is made that will force Allie to question everything about Donovan– his honesty, his character, even his feelings for her. Will this be the final straw, or will this be a test of strength of their feelings for each other?




Stay With Me is the second book in the Callahan series and it picks up where Overwhelm Me leaves off.  Donovan and Allie are now months into their relationship and things are going well….UNTIL!!!

Yep, you know it can’t be all perfect for them. It’s time for Donovan to take Allie home to meet his dad and evil step mom, and to Allie’s surprise, Donovan’s best friend is also getting married that weekend. So not only does Allie have to deal with step-mommy but she also is going to be introduced to all Donovan’s friends. That is a lot for one weekend and I was feeling stressed for her.

And she should be worried. Not everyone is happy about Donovan and Allie’s relationship. All those secrets that Donovan has been holding in for the right moment to tell Allie….they come out!!! And not by his choice…. lesson learned. Tell the truth sooner rather than later. So, of course, Allie and Donovan have some hurdles to get over but I think they can do it. The love between them is obviously there and if people would stop getting in their way, they can be happy.  But, their exes may be the end of them if they don’t stick together and be honest.

Overall, I enjoyed this story and it was a good continuation from Overwhelm Me, but there were parts that I felt needed a little more detail or parts that needed less detail.  I must admit, I am ready to see where this is going with Claire and I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get more about her yet.  But, the ending makes me think that that is all coming out in the next one….I hope!!  I personally love a book that starts off with a bang, so it took me longer than normal to become intrigued. The beginning is a lot about Donovan and Allie’s relationship (which isn’t a bad thing) but I needed that BANG. At around 40-50%, though, the drama starts and that was where it sucked me in more.

“I love you, Allison Marie Marshall. I should have told you before all this went down. I held it in, worried about telling you and you running off. If I would have told you all of this before, maybe you wouldn’t have left me standing there. “

Yeah, that’s all sweet and he pulled out the big guns with “I love you” but in my opinion Donovan got off way to easy when it came to his lies. I know Allie loves him but she needed to make him suffer a little longer.  Lying is a big deal and Allie had already been burned in her past with lies.  And then she didn’t even demand to hear the truth from him…WTH?!? They kissed and made up with hardly no explanation at all….I don’t think so!!! He needed to explain himself and then BEG for forgiveness. “If you loved me, why did you lie?”….AMEN sista!!!  Now don’t just jump back in the bed with him! But, she can’t resist him(and I can’t say I blame her).

Enough rambling about how I wanted to string Donovan up by his balls 😉 If you read Overwhelm Me, you need to check out Stay With Me. And if you haven’t read Overwhelm Me, what are you waiting for?!?

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about the author

AC Marchman lives in Virginia with her husband Dan and their three children, Hannah, Jacob and Sarah.6586439 By day, she is a wife, mommy, and an x-ray tech for a doctor’s office. By night (and nap time) she is a writer. She loves spending time with her family. She also loves to read. Her favorite authors being EL James, Sylvia Day, James Patterson, and Tess Gerritsen.

And last but not least, who wants to hear what Donovan had to say when I got the chance to ask him a few questions?? He was a good sport and answered them all.

Hi Donovan, and thanks so much for agreeing to answer a few questions today. I will try and go easy on you but I do have a few personal questions 😉 Think you can handle them?!?

D: Be gentle. *winks*

I will try! We will start off easy with what were your first thoughts about Allie when you bumped into her for the first time?

D: I thought she was beautiful at first glance, then when I got a good look at her, the word stunning comes to mind.  I just had to get to know her.  I wasn’t going to let her slip through my fingers.

Awwwww…That’s so sweet! I know it is still early in the relationship but can you give us any clues as to where you think yours and Allie’s relationship is going or will end up??

D: Well, I’d like to think we’re in it for the long haul.  But there are certain…secrets…that might threaten to break us apart.  Time will tell, even though I want nothing more than to be her forever.

Yeah, I read about those secrets and I personally think Allie went way to easy on you 😉 I won’t fuss at you, though, because I am sure you feel bad enough. But,  I do need to know one thing about that…how old were you when Claire first came on to you??  I have been dying to ask that question.

D: Ah yes, Crazy Claire.  Well, to be honest, I was only 16.  When you’re a teenage boy with raging hormones, sometimes it’s hard to keep them in check.

Sounds crazy but I hear what you are saying. Do you think Claire is going to be a problem for you and Allie in the future??

D: Unfortunately, she already has been an issue with us.  I’m hoping she stays locked up, like she should be.

I agree with that! Jail is the best place for her. So, here is another uncomfortable question because I have to make it interesting for all the women reading this 🙂 How many women have there really been in your life (we won’t tell Allie)?

D: Well, it’s not nice to kiss and tell. A few have been drunken one night stands, others have been friends with benefits, and yet others were blind dates my buddies set me up with.  Don’t worry; it’s not as many as you think. *winks* If I really had to guess, not including Allie and Psycho Bitch, I’d say like ten, maybe?

Well, I don’t believe that answer but I will let you slide 😉 Now for the last question and then we will leave you alone…if you could sum up Allie in one word, what would it be?

D: Good question.  With millions of words to describe that woman and being able to only choose one, I’d have to say “Everything”.  That’s as in “my everything”.

You may have just won over all the women with just that sentence…LOL!! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to join us and for answering my mildly personal questions 🙂  I will now let you get back to whatever it is you doctors do.

D: You mean saving lives?  I’m on it! *smiles* Thanks for having me today, Jennifer!

Thank you, Donovan!!


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