~*~Review~*~Butterflies are Free? by Nicole Renee Wyatt


imagesCA3984C3Hmmmm….I am not sure where to start with Butterflies are Free.  It is a loooooong book. This isn’t a story you can read in one sitting. It starts off with a BANG and I was like, Hell yeah!!!  But then things slow down.  It was like that throughout most of the story. There would be moments where I couldn’t put it down but then there would be scenes that I felt like drug on and on.

The story is centered around Mary and Alan. Mary is running from an abusive husband  and ends up on the Brookes horseimagesCACRCH7U farm.  She is an emotional wreck, always looking over her shoulder thinking her husband will come after her. Plus, no one knows who she really is and the lies start to build up. Can she keep her past hidden? I felt like, throughout the whole story, she was a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode. How much can one little person take before they have to let it all out?!?!

She had no idea when she showed up at the Brookes’ farm that Alan Bookes, the owner, is a country music star. She has never even listened to his music! Alan is not without his own issues, though. He has a bat shit crazy wife and feels trapped in a loveless marriage.   But Alan also is not your usual music star. Yes, he might drink like liquor is going out of style but the man has morals and I loved that about imagesCAA0EC17him. When Alan meets Mary, he sees something in her that he is attracted too but Mary wants nothing to do with him!! Well, at least she tells him she wants nothing to do with him, when deep down inside she wants to jump his bones.  But, the last thing she needs is another man in her screwed up life. Alan wants other things but he truly only wants to help her and is so PATIENT with her. It shocks me at how patient he is with her.

When I say patient, I am talking the man must have had blue balls the size of basketballs after the 4-6 months of teasing she put him through. One moment she would be flirting and teasing him and then the next she would push him away and tell him she wanted no sexual relationship with him…WTF!!!  If I was a guy, I would have had them just from reading it. I was like,  JUST KISS HIM!!!! Actually, I was thinking do more than kiss him but a kiss would have been a start.

This story also has a lot of other characters in it. Johe is Mary’s immediate boss, Cliff is the assistant trainer and very attracted to Mary and Ted is the head trainer and also Mrs. Brookes’ current fling. Cliff gave me the creeps! There was something about him that just rubbed me the wrong way and I feel like there will be more to his story in the next book.

As you can tell, there is a lot going on in this story. At times it’s almost like you are getting two stories in one. You have Mary’s story going on where she is trying to forget her past and make a future for imagesCAKVIPNUherself and also you are getting Alan’s story about how his marriage is falling apart and all the crazy shit his wife is doing. But the END…OMG!!! I admit I was mad at the end. I was at least hoping for a HEA for Mary and Alan in the end and I DID NOT get it. It was a cliff hanger!!!!!


But, after checking Nicole’s facebook page, I see that there is another book coming so now I can cool off from that ending. But still, it was CRUEL to end it like that!!! So be happy that I prepared you for it and maybe you won’t be as mad as I was 😉

♥ Jennifer

*Review copy given to Book Bitches Blog for an honest review*


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