*~*Plastic Hearts by Lisa De Jong ~ Review & Giveaway*~*

plastic hearts

Okay I need to take some deep calming breaths before I dive into the emotions that are rolling around in my brain right now.  I go into every book with the anticipation that I am going to love it…I’m an optimist!  Most of the time it works out (yay me!) – then I run into books like Plastic Hearts that BLOW. ME. AWAY. with the awesomeness that I read and was completely emotionally unprepared for.

I had been keeping up with the teasers on Lisa’s FB author page…I was sold on reading Plastic Hearts from the beginning – count me in, it sounded awesome. So when I got an ARC, I won’t hide it…I squee’d. ARC’s = bookworm crack…and books like this are my ultimate, reel me in, chew me up, spit me out and leave me begging for more kind of addiction. The characters, the story line, the writing…I hated when I had to put it down – why do people expect you to actually DO things when you have more important things like reading awesome books to do??? UGH!

So Plastic Hearts is about Alex and Dane. Alexandra Mirabelle Riley – gorgeous name, right? Well it matches an equally gorgeous 19 year old girl that I liked from the beginning and over the course of the book, I grew to love more and more. I loved watching her grow from “Alexandra” (the perfectly polished shell her parents wanted her to be) into Alex (who she truly was). Granted, she pissed me off a couple times – but come on, how many heroines exist out there that we don’t all want to shake a little and say “snap out of it chick!” It’s bound to happen…but I didn’t hate her for the choices she made…I hated the fact she had to make them in the first place…and more than that, I hurt for her that she had to make them at all.

“I wanted the type of love I could feel from head to toe, the type where I felt every kiss deep down in the pit of my stomach, the type where the mere mention of his name made me smile from ear to eat and ignited a passion within me so strong that even on our worst days our love was better than any other love around us.” ~Alex

Dane…Dane Wright – omg this man (I say his a man, he’s 22 – but DAMN, he doesn’t act like it!). What do I love about Dane…where do I start:
1. He’s 6’2”
2. Gorgeous Green Eyes
3. Yummi-licious to the MAX
4. Tattoo’s
5. Motorcycle
6. He’s artistic – plus he makes art using power tools…omg…drooling…
7. He’s motivated – going back to college all on his own
8. He. Say’s. The. Most. Perfect. Things. Ever

Okay….I’ll stop – but seriously…I love him. SO much. I can’t put a picture to Dane right now, he’s this figment of perfection in my head, trying to match someone up to him seems extremely unfair.

“This isn’t arrogance, I’m just honest and soon enough you’ll be honest with yourself and admit that you want me as much as I want you.” ~Dane

Oh Dane…believe me, I’ll be honest, I want you.

And don’t get me started on Dane’s kisses…I just can’t handle it right now…when I say this boy is book boyfriend dream, I mean it in every sense of the word.

So anyways, back to Dane and Alex – I looooooved their love…the way they fell in love, the way she opened up with him and became more “herself” around him, the way he opened up and changed too (cause of course he’s Mr. Bad Boy – like I couldn’t swoon anymore!). They just had an easy, wonderful kind of love…

But even Dane with all his fabulousness, couldn’t protect me from *insert dramatic drum roll please* Catherine Riley – Alex’s mom. How can I describe Catherine Riley…

She’s  horrible…evil…hate that woman…loathe her…she’s like Becca/Leah  standard of horrible human being except Alex can’t escape her, cause it’s her  mom! Her dad’s not much better…it’s a miracle Alex survived coming from those  people. They are the ones forcing Alex to be this pristine image of what they  want her to be, leading the life they want her to live – right, cause that’s a  GREAT way to be a parent. It doesn’t help that Alex is measured up to her  sister Gwen constantly, because the eldest daughter can do no wrong. So it  should come as no surprise, they are the cause of the turmoil in an otherwise  happy existence…GRRR! Just thinking about it makes me want to scream!

But  enough of the ass holes – back to brighter things – like Alex’s best friend  Jade…could not get enough of her! Can she be my best friend?? Cause she kinda  rocks. And how CUTE is it that she just so happens to hook up with Dane’s best  friend Tyler. (FYI…I will be begging Ms.  De Jong to write a Jade/Tyler book – I know their story is juicy and I must  know it ASAP). And speaking of Tyler…there is a scene with Tyler, Jade and  Alex….and all I have to say is…

So…I’ve just recently become obsessed with highlight things in my kindle…and I do know I love a book when I highlight the CRAP out of it…and OOOOOH boy, there were some pages I just wanted to drag my finger across and paint ‘em yellow!

“Plastic hearts are made so they cannot be broken. Cracked maybe, but never broken.”

“We all make mistakes and do things we wish we could take back, but it is what we do after that truly matters…and I like your after.”

“I wasn’t the type of girl who needed to save every broken man she encountered, but Dane was worth saving.”

“If a heart could smile, mine would be beaming right now.”

“Sometimes when life hits you with too much, it makes you stronger and you learn from it. I know where I want to go while some of my friends don’t. Life has brought me maturity. I make my decisions based on who I don’t want to be, rather than whom everyone else wants me to be. I always want to be better. It took me time to see this, but it’s true.” If I didn’t complete love him before, this certainly sealed my fate. He was sexy, kind, and smart, wrapped up in one complete package.”

“I cried because my heart was lying back in his apartment in a million pieces. I cried because I realized that I would never love like this again. Dane had my heart and I would never get it back. I cried because I had happiness in my hand and threw it away. I cried until there were no more tears left to fall down my cheek and slipped back into the numbness that engulfed me before I gave my heart to Dane.”

“Life inspires me. Life is unfair, unkind and unforeseeable. It knocks you down when you least expect it. When I create a sculpture, I can control it. I can create happiness even when I can’t feel it. It’s a way to create what life isn’t giving me.”

And those aren’t even all my favorites…I swear I have close to 100 highlights on my kindle…I couldn’t help myself!

So I guess you could say I kinda sorted maybe liked this book….in the sense that I am in love with every aspect and cannot wait until the 2nd book comes out. Like it needs to happen tomorrow…ok maybe I could wait till the end of the week, but that’s SERIOUSLY asking a lot. GAH! Do. Not. Hesitate. To. Read. This. Book. That is all 🙂

So…after all that, of course you want to buy Plastic Hearts, right??? 🙂  I knew you would…so I’m making it easy…pick your poison below and one click away my lovelies…


goodreads-badge-add-plusYou can also find Plastic Hearts on GoodReads


And because I am on such a Dane high right now and feel like spreading the love…how bout a little giveaway? Two ebooks of Plastic Hearts (your choice Amazon or B&N)
click here to go to the Rafflecopter giveaway or Rafflecopter-Logothe pretty little picture right there ↓



  1. Your review is fantastic. I’m putting it on my TBR list. I’m waiting to see if I win it before I buy it, but even if I don’t win it I’m buying it. Thanks for making the entry so easy.

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