~~Review~~Destiny Ever-Changing by Tasha Ivey

♥Destiny Ever-Changing by Tasha Ivey♥

DEC book cover

*ARC given to blog for an honest review*

*Spoiler-free review*

•My Review•

When the blog was approached with this ARC I jumped on it. What gripped me was the title-Destiny Ever-Changing. I thought to myself, “What a promising title.” I wasn’t too far off to be honest. There were ups, downs, and in-betweens for me in this book. There were things I loved, things I liked, and things that I felt were maybe a little…convenient? Let me elaborate. But keep in mind, I did enjoy this book.

We meet Laura Carey, parentless, mid-twenties girl, who seems to find nothing but the worst men when it comes to relationships. After catching her lawyer boyfriend of six months being a little too friendly with another woman, Laura decides it might be time to go back home to her family and get a fresh start. With a sudden change of heart while driving home, she veers in the direction of her Nana’s house on the coast of Virginia. As fate would have it–with the help of a flat tire–Laura meets Brooks Tucker.

Brooks has secrets and problems of his own. The biggest being a major ‘business transaction’ that is utterly ruining his life and to top it all off, his own father is behind it. Brooks’ is being forced into something he wants no part of but doesn’t really see an easy way out…well any way out really. With Laura Cary suddenly making her way into Brooks’ life, he feels it’s necessary to share his secrets with her. That’s what “friends” do right? But I think we all know that this friend thing isn’t going to cut it!

I fell in love with Laura and Brooks and I found myself anxious to see where Laura’s next adventure might take her-thanks to her mother’s old journal from when she was a teenager- hoping that these adventures would, like they usually did, somehow end up with her running into Brooks. With Brooks’ current situation and the whole “business transaction” risking getting in the way and ruining everything, will Laura stick around and endure a ‘friendship’—especially when they are so many unspoken emotions and feelings?

My only issues with this book were the multiple conveniences and a few things I just found to be maybe a little…ummm…reaching??….things happening, finding things, running into someone, certain occurrences and even the ending. Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t take that much away from the story for me….I actually teared up on more than one occasion toward the end of the book. I think this is a very emotional book with a gripping story line. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters and you pull for them from the moment the wind catches those nude-colored, high-waisted panties and sends them flying! (Just read the book…you will understand).

Overall, Destiny Every Changing was a good, heart-gripping novel that you can’t help but like. The author keeps you on the edge and hoping…wanting…praying until the very end. At one point I was like “COME ON ALREADY!” I wanted to scream at Laura and shake some sense into her. But, thankfully…….well, just go buy the book and read it! You won’t be disappointed.

Favorite quotes from the book:

To tequila…because dealing with jealousy while completely sober is overrated.” ~Ashton Tucker—-Brooks’ sister (by the way…I loved her)

“Even if we can’t be together, even if you don’t love me, you will always have my heart. I can only dream that, someday, I’ll have yours.” ~Brooks Tucker

“…but we did learn one thing about destiny…it is ours to change.” ~Laura




Available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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