~~blog tour~~Rock the Band by Michelle Valentine


Everybody knows the bad boys have a soft side too and you get to see Noel’s in Rock the Band 🙂

Here is Virginia’s review of Rock the Band…


5 stars

Rock the Band is a novella that comes after the book Rock the Heart.  It continues the story of Noel and Lanie.  Noel, the front man in the band Black Falcon, and Lanie were high school sweethearts who broke up and get back together years later.  This novella starts where Rock the Heart left off in their relationship.  Noel and Lanie are together and on a break from being on the tour bus.  Lanie goes with Noel to his house for a week for some time away; their time at the house and immediately after make up the story.

Told from Noel’s point of view, this is a great story.  Michelle makes you fall in love with the characters in her stories.  I love reading about rock stars.  This book has some good steamy scenes it in too.  My only complaint about this novella is it was too short!!  I cannot wait for the next book in the series- Rock My Bed to come out!!

-Virginia Tesi Carey






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