~~Review~~Wanting More by Jennifer Foor

Wanting More (Mitchell Family, #5)Wanting More by Jennifer Foor

5 stars!!!

Are you a Conner fan?? I was not and actually thought he was a LOSER until I read Wanting More. He is now starting to grow on me. I guess every guy(with a few exceptions) has a sweet side and it is about damn time Conner showed his!!

Most of Jenn’s books include the whole Mitchell crew but this one is different and mostly only focuses on Conner and Amy with a few references to Ty and Miranda. I MISSED Colt in this one but I will get over it…*crying* But, anyways, back to Conner. He finally finds that one woman who puts him in a good place and makes him want to be more but guess what?!? Yep, there is drama attached to this woman and I am talking serious, heartbreaking drama!! Plus, Conner has some drama going on himself with trying to protect his sister, Miranda.

I understand why both of them made the choices that they did but that doesn’t mean that I approve and Conner Healy would have had to do a lot of begging if I was Amy….jerk!!!! I don’t know that I would have been able to be as understanding as she was but who am I kidding, Conner was pretty damn understanding when it came to her decisions too. I guess that is why the two were meant for each other.

I know none of this jibber jabber makes any sense but it doesn’t need too. I don’t want to tell all the good juicy details about the story, I just need you to understand how emotional this story will make you and how awesome it is! I know I say this in every review I write for one of Jenn’s books but her writing gets better each time and I LOVE reading them. The Mitchell Family series is one of my favorites and I can’t get enough of the great mix of humor, angst, steamy sex scenes, family devotion and sweetness that comes with every story she writes.

-Jennifer LaFon

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