~~guest review~~Up In Flames by Nicole Williams

Rating 4                                                                                                                           images

Elle has spent her whole life in her small home town- always doing what is expected of her by her family and boyfriend.  She dates a boy she loves but isn’t head over heels in love with.  She works in her father’s diner because it is expected of her.  She won’t go away to college as she wants to.  She feels restless and that she is not really living the life she wants to live.  She questions what is right for her and if she can change her life but doesn’t have the courage.  One day while swimming, she meets Cole.  He is a hot smoke jumper who is in town for the summer for work.  The 2 of them have an instant attraction but Elle feels her life has already been mapped out for her.  Immediately, Cole challenges Elle to see who she really is and what she really wants out of life.  They try to fight their attraction for each other and stay away from each other.  Elle realizes that her feelings of fear and going against what everyone expects from her are holding her back and keeping her from living the life she really wants.  Once Elle allows herself to give in to her feelings for Cole, it becomes easier to take charge of her life and control her own happiness.

I absolutely love all of Nicole’s books.  Her writing is fabulous, as are her characters and settings.  Elle is a sweet girl who wants to break free of the life that was expected of her.  I was happy she had the courage to do it.  Cole was a sweetheart.  Not only was he incredibly hot, he cared for Elle and wanted to be with her, but only when he could have all of her; not when she had a boyfriend.  This is a light read and very enjoyable.  This book was a bit steamier than Nicole’s past books but it wasn’t too much.  I definitely recommend all of Nicole’s books!

-Virginia Tesi Carey

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