~~Review~~Breaking Beautiful by Amanda Bennett

Breaking Beautiful (Broken, #2)Breaking Beautiful by Amanda Bennett


My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I think Bennett is secretly a cat and has 9 lives…hehe!!! The things this girl goes through is crazy!! I really felt bad for her 😦

Breaking Beautiful picks up right where Beautifully Broken leaves off except it gives you a little tease in the beginning. Bennett wakes up in the hospital and is happy that she has survived Raylon’s attack and even happier to find out she is pregnant. But, the damage isn’t over yet. Raylon is not even close to giving up on hurting Bennett. Even though Gray has police connections, Raylon is not easy to catch.

All I have to say about Gray is he is AMAZING!! The love he has for Bennett and the things he does to keep her feeling safe and loved were so heartwarming. The man did everything possible to keep her safe but just like some men, he kept a few secrets. Lucky for him, Bennett is a very forgiving person 🙂

I also think Bennett is great! She is such a strong person to get through all that she does and still keep it together. The girl had quite a temper and was quick to bite off Gray’s head but after she would cool down, she could think more sensibly and talk things through.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I had many questions and a hard time following at times in Beautifully Broken but this one was not like that at all. You get a lot more of the backstory in this one and many things make a lot more sense. It also flowed very well and was an easy read. I love a strong female character and Bennett is that. The girl can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. The added part of her being pregnant in this story made me stress a little bit. Between Raylon’s attacks and her being pregnant, I couldn’t put it down from wanting to know what would happen next. I kept thinking to myself, how much more can she take before she breaks?!?

I really loved every character in this story except for Raylon, of course. They all have strong and caring personalities which is a relief to read. Sometimes I just need to read a story without the high school drama and there is none of that in this one. I highly recommend it but make sure you read Beautifully Broken first.

-Jennifer LaFon

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Breaking Beautiful on Amazon


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