~~Blog Stop~~~ Overwhelm Me by A.C. Marchman

Are you ready for an excerpt and my review of Overwhelm Me?? You might be ready for my review but probably not the HOT excerpt!!!



“Allie, please,” Donovan begs me. His voice is husky and deep. His skilled fingers run up and down my back, learning the curves of my body. “God, you are so sexy. You drive me crazy,” he says as our mouths pull apart. He starts to trail feather like kisses down my jaw and neck. His hands move down to my thighs and raise my dress slightly, showing the lace of my boy short panties. I roll my head back and close my eyes. My back arches so my breasts are pushed up towards Donovan. He takes advantage and cups my breasts with his palms. My nipples pucker from the touch. Donovan’s lips have moved to my collar bone, lightly nipping and sucking as he goes. I softly groan and shiver as his touch makes me wet. Donovan plants kisses on the tops of my breast that peek out from the neckline of my dress. “My God, I want to touch every part of you,” Donovan breathes as he pulls down the top of my dress, exposing my lacy bra. “Oh, this is nice,” he grins and proceeds to gently pull my bra under my breasts, pushing them higher. He rolls his tongue around one of my nipples, and my body reacts, quivering from this intimate pleasure. Donovan licks me and uses his teeth, lightly grazing. He takes great pleasure in turning me on. The proof is the rock hard erection I can feel through my underwear. I instinctively rock my hips back and forth, my body begging him to thrust inside me.


♥My Review♥

I received an ARC of Overwhelm Me from AC Marchman and I am so thankful to her for sharing it with me. I loved this story and know it is going to do GREAT 🙂

The story begins with Allie literally running into Donovan on her way to her last exam of college life. Both are immediately attracted to each other but neither says anything and they go their separate ways. Then later as Allie is celebrating at a local club with her friends, guess who is there?? Yes, Donovan is there and the two get very close quickly. I loved how quickly these two fall for each other. But both have some serious skeletons in their closet and they have to try their hardest to work through them without it coming between them.

There are so many things I loved about this book and Allie is one of them.  Allie is a smart, beautiful woman who has been through a lot but has come out on top. I admire her for the decisions she made and direction she is headed in life. Not every female would have taken the high road like her and I admire her for it. I love a story with a strong female character and Allie is definitely one of my favorites. There is no whiney, poor pitiful me in her character and she deserves Donovan 🙂

“I close my eyes and listen to the music, bopping my head to the pulsating song. When I open them, I am looking right into the sculpted face of the man of my dreams.”

And Donovan…oh, Donovan!!! He is smart, sexy, compassionate, protective and rich. I enjoyed how he was not afraid to show his feelings but then also he was Allie’s hero when she needed him.  His family is EXTREMELY rich and he doesn’t mind spending his money on Allie but yet he doesn’t flaunt it around and depend on it in life. The only thing that bothered me about Donovan was his inability to talk with Allie about his past. (a usual male issue…Ha!) Allie was very open about hers even if it hurt but yet he would not talk about his.

I found the author’s writing very easy to read. She had me pulled into the story immediately!! There was just enough detail for me to get a good picture of what was going on but not too much that it confused me. I never lost interest in this story and didn’t expect the ending. It is a cliff hanger but not one that leaves you distressed.

I consider myself lucky to have read Overwhelm Me before the rest of the world and look forward to more from AC Marchman 🙂

-Jennifer LaFon

Overwhelm Me is releasing December 31st and you do not want to miss out, so be ready!!!!



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