Review of Tidal by Emily Snow

Tidal Blog Tour

I can’t even put into words how much I loved this story but here I go trying….

Tidal by Emily Snow is a fabulous story about two broken people finding each other and working through their past while falling in love.  Both, Willow and Cooper, openly admit that they are selfish people but there is just something about their relationship that changes that.

Willow is an actress with a devastating past that has put her in rehab numerous times in the past few years and Cooper is a sexy surf instructor from Hawaii with a past that he prefers not to talk about.  And how do these two meet?? Easy, Cooper is hired to teach Willow how to surf in preparation for her next movie. And, of coarse, what do you think happens?? Well, duh….she falls for Cooper and who in their right mind wouldn’t!!  But, another relationship is the last thing Willow wants.

Willow is an emotional hot mess!! Her parents don’t want to deal with her…her friends are crack heads and she has a past that haunts her 😦 I really felt bad for her. Cooper on the other hand had his shit together even though he also had a messed up past. He was sweet, funny, hot, independent and so patient with Willow. My favorite part about him was his humor 🙂

There were so many other characters in this story that made a difference in their lives but my favorite was Miller (AKA the Hulk). He is Willow’s bodyguard and he did so much more than just protect. He was a great guy that was just as much her friend as bodyguard.  Then there is Cooper’s room mate Eric and Eric’s girlfriend, Paige. I loved them…Paige was a true friend to Willow and Eric was hilarious.

I enjoyed every character and every word of this story and didn’t want it to end. I was sucked in from the very beginning and couldn’t put it down.  So many life issues are addressed in this story and they are addressed with class. It was an easy and enjoyable read. I am a huge fan of Emily Snow and HIGHLY recommend you read Tidal!

-Jennifer LaFon

Here is the link so you can get it now while it is ONLY $0.99!!!! It is worth so much more than just 99 pennies 🙂

Oh, and we are the blog stop on January 8th of her blog tour so please stop by and check out what we have 🙂



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