From Ashes by Molly McAdams


5 stars

Molly has written another great book!  Her debut novel, Taking Chances, left me breathless.  It literally had me thinking about the book and sad for days.  I couldn’t get past it.  I am happy to say From Ashes was also great but not as heartbreaking.  What a relief!!!

Cassidy had been abused by her mother and step-father from the time she was 6.  Having no one else to turn to, she took comfort and friendship in her best friend Tyler. Tyler was the only one Cassi confided in about what was going on the entire time.  He was there to comfort her, physically and emotionally.  When Tyler goes off to college in Texas, he takes Cassi with him to give her a new start at life.  They are to live with Tyler’s cousin, Gage.  As soon as Cassi and Gage see each other, their worlds are turned upside down.  The attraction the two of them felt immediately for each other was very intense.  The 3 of them live together while Gage and Cassi fight their feelings for each other and Tyler lies to both of them about how the other one feels.  They are ripped apart by circumstances quite a few times but they always find a way back into each other’s lives.  Tyler finally realizes that even though he is in love with Cassi he needs to put his feelings aside.  Not only do his lies destroy his friendship with Cassi, they make Gage and Cassi so miserable.  Thankfully he does what is right and stops trying to keep them apart.  There is sooooo much more to this story but I do not want to give it away.

This book is an emotional rollercoaster!  I did not cry like I did when reading Taking Chances, but it is still an emotional book.  It made me happy, sad, and angry and it made me laugh.  Molly really knows how to write a great story.  I love the way she makes you feel like you know the characters.  I felt so bad for poor Cassi.  She had such a horrible childhood and did not deserve anything that was done to her.  And Gage- what a doll; such a sweet guy.  I did want to smack them both quite a few times for the way they were acting but it was due to a lot of miscommunication.  Once Cassi was able to deal with what happened to her in her childhood, she was able to let him in and she found the happiness she so deserved.  Tyler- let’s discuss Tyler.  At first I wanted to hate him.  He was so in love with Cassi that he made up lies to keep Gage and Cassi apart.  I understand he didn’t want them together but I wanted to smack him.  Thankfully he realized that what he was doing was only hurting everyone and he put his feelings aside.

Molly’s writing style makes it so easy to read and her detail is great.  You will love the story and the characters, but when you learn the meaning of the phoenix in the book and where the title comes from, you will love it even more.  A must read!

-Virginia Tesi Carey





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