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Love and Skate excerpt

“I’m cold.” She whispered and her body concurred with a shiver.

I put my arm under her head and grabbed the back of her thigh to move her even closer, as gently as possible. Just hours ago I would’ve given anything to have my hand on her thigh but this was not sexy. This was making sure that if she was cold, I would warm her. If she was in pain, I would ease her. And if her heart ached, I would mend her. Somehow the things that I could do for her were just the things that she needed. She could’ve found them anywhere but she chose to seek them in me.

♥ My review ♥

This story shocked me!! I started reading it without even knowing what it was about and I was pleasantly surprised 🙂 Owen and Nellie have both been broken by people in their past and they are trying to get over these experiences and make the best of what they have. Both have noticed each other and are obviously attracted to one another but things keep getting in the way of their connection. Nellie loves roller skating and Owen loves anything that has to do with Nellie…including her blue hair and coconut smell 🙂

Their story is such a truly sweet love story!! Reading it gave me those fluttering little butterfly feelings in the belly that go along with finally finding the one you love and will love for the rest of your life. Owen was so patient and sweet but also came across as one sexy guy. Nellie is one of those girls that doesn’t take crap from people but yet is still such a sweet person.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading their story, until…you know there always has to be a twist and this one broke my heart 😦 I cried for Nellie and I cried for Owen. The author did a great job of making me fall in love with these characters and slowly pulling me into their story. I was so caught up in their love that I wasn’t prepared for the heartache that hit. Great job, Lila and I highly recommend this story for anyone.

-Jennifer LaFon

Now I know after reading that excerpt and my review, you want to read it so here are the links. BUY IT and READ IT!!!!

Also, go “like” her facebook page!/AuthorLilaFelix?fref=ts



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