Cover and synopsis for From This Moment by Elizabeth F Buchanan

From this Moment - ebook copy by end of december

Cover by Robin Harper.


Rona Jameson is twenty four and embarking on what should have been her honeymoon, alone!  While having coffee and waiting for her connecting flight to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Rona meets Cade, a meeting that irrevocably changes their futures.  Cade is a forty five year old father of three grown children, who is on his way home to Jackson Hole with his twenty five year old son, Jake. Nick Lucas, Rona’s ex fiancé, follows her to Jackson Hole, but does he want her back or is he after something else?  And what trouble is he going to cause? Cade’s son Jake, is still in love with his ex girlfriend, Elise.  She’s planning to marry another man, Tony.  What decision will Elise make when confronted with the truth about how Jake feels about her?  And how will Tony react? Follow Rona and Cade’s journey from Chicago O’Hare airport, where they meet, to the start of their relationship in Jackson Hole and on to the beautiful setting of the Maldives.


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