Planning on Forever by Ashley Wilcox



4 stars

This is the story of Collin and Alexa, popular high school sweethearts.  It’s the end of the school year and Collin is a senior and Alexa is a junior.  They are in love and happy and although they have not discussed it, they both assume they will be together when Collin goes off to college in the Fall.  Things don’t always go as planned- right before graduation, Collin has a night out with his friends and cheats on Alexa.  He is immediately sorry and regrets it, but it is too late.  Shortly after it happens, Alexa finds out and she is not willing to forgive him.  Although he expresses his regret, Alexa no longer trusts him.  Alexa is devastated at first but soon realizes she can get over Collin and meets someone else- a guy named Noel.  And in time, Collin moves on and meets a girl named Summer.  How they move past their broken relationship and where their new relationships go is the story of this book.

This is a great debut novel from Ashley!  I loved the characters, the easy reading style and the steamy sex scenes.  I really loved how the chapters switch back and forth between characters.  To me that always makes a book fun.  Alexa was portrayed as a strong girl.  Although she was heartbroken at first, she realized she needed to move on.  And Noel was such a great guy.  I wondered for a while if things would last between him and Ashley since they met so quickly after the breakup.  I have to say that I did feel bad for Collin.  I do not condone cheating but he immediately realized what a mistake he made.  Unfortunately for him, Alexa was not able to forgive.  In time, he realizes that Ashley has moved on and he can too.  it all worked out to a happy ending so it seems things turned out for the best.  Ashley has a lot of talent as a writer and I cannot wait for her next book!

-Virginia Tesi Carey





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