Risking Fate by Jennifer Foor



It is hurting my heart to say this but Risking Fate is the BEST in the series so far. I feel like I am cheating on Colt by saying that but I had to!! Risking Fate is all about Miranda and Ty but I did get my little taste of Colt in it also 😉

So much drama happens in this story and I know you are thinking that, yes, every one of Jenn’s books has drama but I am serious when I say the drama in this one will rip your heart out and shread it into pieces!!! But don’t worry, she still left enough room between the drama for the steamy sex scenes 🙂

Miranda and Ty go through MORE than the average couple and when I say more, I am not talking about just fighting over who is on top(sounds like a Ty and Miranda kind of fight). Serious shit goes on!! The story starts off with Ty getting one of the things he has been wanting for a while…Miranda pregnant! Then life is good…Ty has a great family and another one on the way.  Until they run into an unexpected person from Miranda’s past 😦

This is where the shit hits the fan and decisions have to be made. Will Ty and Miranda’s love get them through it all?? Hell yeah, it will!! I laughed(mostly at Ty), I cried(a lot) and I loved the steamy scenes. Also, for all you Conner fans, this story sets him up for his book that I am sure will be a great one.

I would love to go into more detail but I don’t do spoilers and if I said much more I would spill it all!! BUY it and READ it people and I PROMISE you will not be disappointed 🙂

-Jennifer LaFon



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