More about Author Amanda Bennett :)

25 Things you didn’t know about Author Amanda Bennett!!


1. I color coordinate all the clothes in my closet with matching colored hangers. i even put them in same color sections

2. I am deathly afraid of the ocean (no lie), but I went snorkeling for the 1st time in Hawaii this year with the help of my 17 year old nephew

3. My favorite number is 4 because it is my dad’s birthday (he died when I was 12)

4. I’m OBSESSED with movies, so much so that I quote lines from them throughout the day

5. I LOVE coffee and the color pink

6. I’m terrified of flying but I want to skydive

7. My favorite movie of all time is Rebel Without A Cause

8. My celebrity crush is and will always be James Dean

9. I never leave home without any of my iDevices

10. The 49ers are mine and my family’s all time favorite football team, even my oldest son loves them. We’re forever faithful fans

11. Sex and The City is by far my favorite show EVER, I could watch it everyday

12. I am a HUGE Jim Carrey fan (I can quote the whole movie Liar Liar)

13. I am a speed reader

14. I refuse to ever go on a diet. I will try to watch what I eat, but I love food WAY too much to give anything up

15. Ridiculousness and Tosh.O are my go to shows to make me laugh

16. My favorite comedian is George Lopez. I understand enough spanish that he is 10 times funnier to me than my husband

17. My kids, family and friends are my world. I would fight to the death for any of them

18. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth

19. My father’s death when I was 12 was my inspiration to become a writer. Artistry is in my blood, my dad was a poet and an artist

20. I have been married to my husband twice. Each time I was pregnant with 1 of our 2 boys.

21. One day I will own an English Bulldog and name her Marilyn, after Marilyn Monroe

22. Writing is the best form of therapy. It has probably saved me millions of dollars on a therapist

23. I believe a bad day can always be fixed with a good book

24. The only kind of shopping I enjoy is for purses, shoes and panties

25. I am a Tom-boy through and through but I still like to be girly sometimes



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