A review of Beautifully Broken by Amanda Bennett



Beautifully Broken by Amanda Bennett is the story of Bennett Reynolds and Gray Weston. They have been best friends and neighbors since elementary school. Bennett hasn’t had it easy during her late teenage years but Gray has always been her rock. Oh, and wait, they have also secretly been in love with each other for a long time without admitting it. Here comes the DRAMA!!!

It is not until high school graduation that they finally admit to this….but is it too late?!? Gray is heading off to the police academy and Bennett is staying behind to go to college. Long distance relationships are never easy and that is also the case for them. Bennett does something that Gray can’t forgive her for and he refuses to speak to her again.

It is obvious that the two are not over each other even though they try to move on.  And, ultimately, they do find their way back to one another. But, is Bennett’s past going to come between them?!? The girl can’t catch a break but I partially blame that on herself!! I wanted to scream…REALLY??? …at her many times!

The whole book covers a 4 year time span and I did get a little confused a few times but for the most part I tried to keep up. I also enjoyed the other characters. Bennett’s best friend, Hannah, is awesome and stands by her no matter what. I don’t think Bennett would have kept it together without Hannah.  And then Hannah’s boyfriend, Theo, was such a gentleman and he was great with Bennett.  Then we have Gray… he is a great guy and I felt so bad for him at times. I felt like Bennett really thought she was always doing what was best for him but man she screwed it all up!!

Great story 🙂 I would have liked a little more detail in the story but I hear the next book will clear up a lot of my confusion and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

-Jennifer LaFon



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