Fury by Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons




5 stars

I have read many books about rock stars and bands and I will never get tired of them!  This book is another great addition to that category of books!!

Cheyenne writes for a music publication and lands the job of a lifetime- to fly to Europe and travel with the band Fury as they tour.  She is to interview them and write an article on them.  This is a big opportunity for her because the band usually stays away from interviews and press.  Cheyenne’s best friend and roommate, is also assigned to go to photograph the band.  Once they fly to Europe and meet the band, things go a little crazy.  There is adventure, love, drama, humor, drugs, heartache and craziness.  And it is all written so well and in such detail!!!!

I loved every character in this book.  I felt so bad for Cheyenne- she let her past affect her current relationships to the point that she couldn’t recognize a good thing when it was in front of her.  And Stephanie was great- she was so witty and had a smart mouth.  She was also independent and a strong woman.  Every band member of Fury (there are 5) was well written and given a lot of attention in the story- each one had a storyline.  They were so funny and the banter between them was fantastic.  I also loved that they used English terms- I could picture them goofing around with their accents.  And they were all so HOT in their own way!!!  I definitely had a crush or two on the band members but my favorite was Scot.

I don’t know how Tammy and Michelle were able to co-write this book and do such a fantastic job.  I have read quite a few books that were co-authored but they were written so that each author took a different character and they alternated writing paragraphs or chapters.  I am not sure how Tammy and Michelle were able to write together and have the story be so seamless.  The detail given to each scene and situation was also great.  Fury is definitely a great debut novel for them.  I would love to see a book 2 to see how some of the characters’ lives continue!!

-Virginia Tesi Carey






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