Avoiding Commitment by K. A. Linde


I don’t know where to start?!?! This story has it all: humor, romance, cheating, angst, wild sex, deceit…I could go on and on!!  Avoiding Commitment is the story of Jack and Lexi. They never dated but they have always been drawn to one another for the last 6 years. (I guess you could call them friends with benefits and drama)  And that has caused nothing but heartache.  After almost 2 years of no communication, Jack calls Lexi out the blue and requests she come meet his serious girlfriend, Bekah. (we hate Bekah) So, what is a girl to do but go and try to finally put Jack and her past behind her… if only that is what happens!!

Jack and Lexi’s relationship floored me!! I wasn’t even sure who’s side to take…both are to blame!! I would try and feel sorry for Lexi but damn, she made some bad choices! I feel like I could go on and on about all the f’ed up situations in this book and that is what made me LOVE it so much!! I love real life books and this shit is real! Love is not all butterflies and flowers like the other books you read. This one brings you back to reality and makes you happy with your life and happy that you are not living Lexi’s f’ed up life!  I am not saying that real life is as bad as this story but the shit does happen and can happen.

And then when you think things aren’t already screwed up enough, here comes Ramsey!! Yes, you heard me right, there is another guy thrown in the mix and he is a HOT one.  After a week of processing this story, (and, yes, it did take me a week to process it all) I still can’t choose who’s team I am on…ugh!! With all the drama going on, I can’t figure out who to believe and I am IMPATIENTLY waiting on the next book so that I can make my decision!! Great book and if you can handle crazy drama, cheating and manipulating, I recommend it to ya.  You will LOVE it!!

-Jennifer LaFon



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