Rock the Heart by Michelle Valentine

Virginia Tesi  Carey and I were given the opportunity of reading an ARC of Rock the Heart by Michelle Valentine and both of us were extremely excited! Rock the Heart is the story of Lanie and Noel. Lanie and Noel were high school sweethearts up until the time comes for college. Each had different ideas about where life is going and Lanie leaves a heartbroken Noel behind as she goes off to college. Then four years later the two are brought back together by Lanie’s job. She is now working for a marketing company and Noel is a very popular rock star. (yes, I said rock star and we all know how HOT they are!) Do these two still love each other and will they be able to overcome all the obstacles that are headed their way?!?!

Jennifer: I loved this book and can’t wait for the next because I wanted so much more in the end 🙂

Virginia: I loved it too, especially the ending.

Jennifer: I enjoyed the ending but felt like I needed more. I am sure it was meant to be that way so we will anxiously await the next one.

Virginia: My thoughts on Noel are that he is a SEXY rock star with his tattoos and piercings but he also was very pushy.  I guess in his profession he was used to getting what he wanted, though.

Jennifer: Oh yes!! Noel was extremely sexy and I started out loving him but I must say that I lost a lot of respect for him towards the end L I could not tolerate his lies even if he had his reasons.  And, then there is Riff(another band member). Riff came across as such a loser at first but I really started to like him towards the end.

Virginia: I started out not liking Riff either. I thought he was too much of a pig with the way he slept around so much. But, he turned out to be a good guy and a good friend to Lanie. I really did feel bad for him with what happened.

Jennifer: I felt bad for him too and also Noel in the end. Most of the story I felt like Lanie was such a pushover and needed to stand up for herself.  It made me extremely happy when she finally put Noel in his place 🙂

Virginia: I agree. I think deep down Noel really was a good guy and he truly did love Lanie. He was caught in a bad situation but deceit and betrayal are not the ways to handle an already bad situation.

So overall I would say that we both thoroughly enjoyed this story and it was a great debut novel for Michelle Valentine! The writing was good and there were only a few mistakes. I felt like she did a great job of painting us a picture of how these popular rock stars acted and talked and the everyday life that they lived.  This story has everything we all look for in a good story….love, betrayal, angst, comedy, and everyone’s favorite, steamy SEX!!  We both highly recommend it.  I gave it 4.5 stars and Virginia gave it 5 stars. We can’t wait for book 2!

-Jennifer LaFon


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