Laced in Malice by Riley Gray


Laced in Malice by Riley Gray is the story of Zara Smart.  Zara’s world is turned upside down when her mother moves away for her job and Zara must go live with her father, who is the new principle of a boarding school where she will now be attending. Like every school and especially boarding school, you have the cool crowd and the outcasts.  Zara thinks she is lucky because starting from day one, Lizzie the school Goddess, wants to be her friend but she is wrong and has no idea what she is getting into!!  Also, to make matters worse, Lizzie’s twin brother, Oliver, is the school’s player and heartbreaker and he has his sights set on Zara.

I really enjoyed this story! It was not what I expected. When I agreed to read it, the author said it was a YA romance but I would not consider it YA. There is a lot of sexual situations and a moderate amount of bad language. I could totally relate to this story, being that I was a private school brat myself. And I found out just like Zara did, that the cool crowd people are never the people you think they are. I felt like Zara learned a lot of about herself in this story but they were hard lessons to know that included a lot of heartache for her.  I had mixed feelings about Oliver….like Zara, I knew that he had to have a good side but he did not share it with her and he had his reasons for this.  I felt so bad for Zara as she got her heart broken over and over by Oliver. Everyone in this story has a reason for everything they do and I could not put it down until I found out how it all played out. The ending leaves you wondering what will happen next so I am hoping that there will be another book to answer some still lingering questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even though, there were a good many spelling and grammar issues throughout the story.  I can handle a few but I did get distracted by them at times 😦 But, with that being said,  I always rate a book by the story line and not the errors, so I still am happy to say that I give this story 4 stars and definitely recommend it! Thank you, Riley Gray, for giving me this opportunity to read and review for you and I look forward to hearing more about Oliver and Zara 🙂


-Jennifer LaFon



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