Across the Hall by N.M. Facile


4 stars

I downloaded this book months ago with the intention of reading it but there were so many other books I wanted to read, so I didn’t read it until now.  I am sorry I waited!  I loved it!

This is the story of Sylvia and Quinn- they were high school sweethearts until Quinn broke Sylvia’s heart.  It is now 4 years later and Sylvia has finally moved on after being devastated.  She attends school and lives in an apartment building where her good friends also live- Reed, Sloane, Kai and Kerry.  Although she has tried to move on from Quinn, she has only been on a few dates on the years since they broke up and she has had no luck finding a great guy.  She meets a guy named Beau out one night and starts seeing him.  The apartment across the hall from Sylvia has been vacant for a while; one day she learns she has a new neighbor named Quinn.  She wonders if it is her Quinn or just a coincidence that his name is Quinn.  Sylvia finds out it is her Quinn and has such mixed feelings about it- she still loves him but is so angry with him.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for Sylvia- she doesn’t think it is good in the beginning but it turns out to be a good thing) Quinn makes friends with her guy friends and fits right in the group.  The more time they spend together the more they get back to talking and realize how much they still love each other.  There are a lot of unresolved issues with them, but when things go bad in Sylvia’s life (and there are a few things that happen), Quinn is there for her.  The tension between Beau and Quinn is very high.  Beau is very possessive of Sylvia and is a little unstable.  What transpires between Beau, Sylvia and Quinn is a big part of the story.  Sylvia learns the real reason Quinn broke up with her and they let their love for each other overcome all.

I really loved this story- there is so much to love about it.  I loved the characters- they were sweet, funny and there for each other.  Sylvia was so sweet and I felt bad for her with all the things going wrong in her life.  Quinn was perfect- I definitely had a crush on him.  The only character I had mixed feelings for was Beau- he was hot and a bad boy and he started out somewhat good but he turns out to be bad news and I ended up not liking him.  I loved the way the book was written- the point of view switched back and forth between Sylvia and Quinn.  I think that makes the story more enjoyable.  In addition, there was some backtracking on the story that I liked.  Sylvia would tell what was happening and then when it switched to Quinn it didn’t just move on- it went back over the same scene but from Quinn’s point of view.  I liked to see the different way two people can see the same thing.

This book has it all- love, anger, humor, drama, tension, friendship and steamy sex scenes.  And there is a great epilogue that tells how the future ends up for them.  A definite must read!

-Virginia Tesi Carey


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