A few reviews from Jenn Foor :)

Looks like, eventhough, Jenn has been writing fabulous books, she still found time to read! Here are a few reviews of books she has read recently….

Down To You by Michelle Leighton


I finally got a chance to read one of my favs new books. I knew right away I wouldn’t be disappointed, being that I love her work. This was book even better than I could have imagined. Michelle has really stepped up her game in the hot factor. Cash and Nash were both sexy and it was hard for me to decide which one I wanted to love more. I had an idea of how the story line was going and my assumptions were right, even though I had already decided that I was madly in love with Cash.  I loved that this story line was unique and even though I guessed what was coming, I loved the way that Michelle portrayed the whole story.  I also loved how her female character could make up her mind either. Each of the men had equal amounts of pros and cons.

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants an excellently written, steamy read. Michelle outdid herself with this one.

Knowing there is more to come makes me even more excited about this book. I LOVED THE EPILOGUE!



Devoured – Emily Snow


I have no idea why I let this book sit on my kindle without diving into it. I blame it on my busy schedule. At any rate, I dove into this book and read it in one sitting. I have this addiction to old relationships coming back to one another again. I have no idea why, because it has absolutely nothing to do with my real life. I guess I just think it is sweet; like if you love something, let it go and see if it finds its way back to you.

This book reminded me of that.

The characters had a past, as they once worked together. The female character had moved on with her life and she was seemingly happy, so she thought. After heading home for a family emergency, she soon realizes that some skeletons in her closet want to hang out again, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

She tries to resist, but after time, it becomes difficult. I actually really liked the end and how Emily makes you think it is ending one way until the very last moment. Happy endings are always a good thing.





Beautifully Broken by Amanda Bennett

I was very excited to start reading this book. Again, I am a sucker for relationships that start when the characters are young and grown through time.  Gray and Bennett met as young children and lived next door to each other. Secretly, they were always in love with each other, but neither admitted it, until it almost too late. Right before they move on to start new career paths; college, Police academy, they decide to give it a shot.

As they begin a long distance relationship, something happens that literally tears them apart.

Time passes and they both move on, but their hearts never stop looking for each other, yearning for each other again.

When their paths cross again, so much has changed. Their lives are so different and it is hard for them to just jump back into the hot love without much regret.

I laughed, cried and was glued to this book.

Gray is a total hunk with a giant heart.

Read this book!



Captive In The Dark by CJ Roberts

Wow is all I could say…..

At first I was wondering what the hell I was reading and then somehow it turned into me being glued to my kindle, falling in the love with this totally f-ed up relationship. I freaking loved this book so much that I bought the second one at 3am and started reading it.

Caleb is a bad bad bad guy….but you find yourself drawn to him.

It is kinky, crazy and also very hot!

If you are into a totally crazy ass read that includes romance, kidnapping, kidnapping someone that is already kidnapped ;), and hot hot bondage….I recommend! The storyline is fantastic.



Seduced In The Dark by CJ Roberts

HOLY F*CK! As if the first book wasn’t crazy itself, this book took kink to a whole new level. Human trafficking is a horrible thing, so please don’t assume that I have some fascination with it. However, this book as insanely addicting and I needed to read the whole thing to find out what happened to the two main characters. Without giving anything away about where the author takes us, I will just say that I LOVE JOHN AND SOPHIA.

If you loved the first book, you have to read the second. It will give you a sort of closure so that you can stop wondering what happened to them.

I loved this story and all of the crazy that came with it!


-Jenn Foor


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