Raging Love by Jennifer Foor

I LOVE COLT!!! (incase someone doesn’t know)  Now that I got that out of the way, I can tell you the rest about Raging Love by the awesome Jennifer Foor.  I am lucky because I proof read for Jenn and I get to read as she writes but on the other hand it can be a bummer when I have to wait for the next chapters and that was the case with this book.  So much happens and I was not always able to predict what would happen next, which is a compliment to Jenn 🙂

Raging Love is a continuation in the series but it is based more on Colt and Savanna. All the others are still in the story but Colt and Savanna are the focus. You know Jenn had to throw Ty in this book too because with him comes the humor and I love his humor.  So much happens in this story and I am not one to ruin it for anyone but I will tell you that things HEAT up!! Savanna finally breaks out of her shell and gives Colt exactly what he deserves (and exactly what I want to give him…hehe). There is drama, there is heartache, there are smokin’ sex scenes, there is humor and best of all there is so much love between Colt and Savanna.

These two take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’ in this story. They deserve a happy ending after all they go through and that’s what I love about Jenn’s books…they always get that happy ending one way or another. Savanna can sometimes irritate me because she is a little too whiney for my liking but she finally puts her big girl panties on this time. I cried for her more this time than in Letting Go because I could relate to what she goes through.  And Colt, I could talk about Colt all day long but all I will say is that he is one of the HOTTEST, sweetest and most patient guys ever!!!

I highly recommend this story. Raging Love is my favorite so far in the Mitchell Family Series. Jenn’s writing gets better and better with each book and I look forward to all the books to come from her!

-Jennifer LaFon


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