Virginia Tesi Carey’s guest review of The Marriage Trap by Jennifer Probst


4 stars

Maggie Ryan is an independent, strong, successful woman who has a hard time finding the right guy and is lonely.  Michael Conte is an Italian billionaire who is handsome and charming.  They are in the same circle of friends and had been on a blind date the year before- a blind date that didn’t work out.  Since that bad date they have not been getting along but they are still attracted to each other.

Michael’s family is in Italy and he gets a call from his sister, Venezia.  She is hysterical because she wants to marry her boyfriend but there is a long standing tradition in his family that says Michael must marry first (after their father passed away Michael took over as head of the household and the family business).  Michael has no one to marry but he knows he must do something for his sister’s sake.  When Michael overhears Maggie talking about an upcoming business trip to Milan (she photographs male underwear models!) he comes up with an idea.  He asks Maggie to go with him to stay with his family when she is on business and pretend to be his wife.  Maggie agrees on one condition- she has always insisted that Michael was in love with her best friend and sister-in-law Alexa, which Michael denies.  Maggie agrees to go on the condition- that Michael stay away from Alexa when they come back to the States.  As they leave for their trip, the tension between the two of them continues.  Once Maggie meets his family, they love her and she loves them and she sees what it is like to belong to a real family (something she never had).  Seeing Maggie interact with his family makes Michael’s attraction for her become even stronger.  Maggie doesn’t like the way Michael handles some things with his family and intervenes and Michael realizes she is right.  Once they stop fighting their feelings for each other and give in, they make a great pair and realize that “the one” they were looking for may have been there all along.

This book is funny, sexy, sweet and very enjoyable.  The characters are great and the banter between Michael and Maggie is awesome.  Michael comes across as a very strong, powerful, sexy man which makes him quite attractive.  And in addition to being beautiful Maggie is quite witty and sarcastic.  You can definitely see why they are attracted to each other.  This is the second book in a series- The Marriage Bargain was first and was great.  Jennifer did another fantastic job with this one.  At the end of this book, there is part of book 3 and it looks like it is going to be just as great.  I can’t wait for it to come out!













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